40+ Powerful Hacking Tools To Become A Powerful Hacker in 2020


11. EtherApe

EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for PC model UNIX after Etherman. This interactive tool graphically displays network activity. It has the link layer and TCP / IP modes. It supports Token Ring, FDDI, Ethernet, PPP, SLIP, ISDN, and other WLAN devices.


12. Paros

This is a Java-based HTTP / HTTPS proxy that helps evaluate the vulnerability of the web application. It supports the visualization and editing of HTTP messages on the fly. It is compatible with Unix and Windows systems. There are other features like client certificate, spiders, proxy chain and many others.

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13. Fiddler

It is a free web proxy debugging tool that can be used for any browser, platform or system. Key features of this tool include performance testing, HTTP / HTTPS traffic logging, Web session manipulation, and security testing.


14. Ratproxy

A passive and semi-automated application that is essentially a security audit tool. It can accurately detect and annotate problems encountered on Web 2.0 platforms.


15. SSLstrip

This tool is the one that demonstrates the HTTPS extraction attack. It can divert HTTP traffic through the network without problems. It monitors the HTTPS link, then redirects and correlates these links with HTTP or similar homographic links.

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16. SSL / TLS Security Test by High-Tech Bridge

This free online service performs a detailed security analysis and configuration test of the SSL / TLS implementation on any webserver to comply with NIST guidelines and PCI DSS requirements as well as industry best practices.

Debuggers for hacking programs running

17. GDB

GDB is a GNU project debugger. The unique feature of this debugger allows the user to see what happens within a program while running or reviewing a program at the time of the crash.

18. Immunity Cleaner

It is a powerful debugger for scanning malware. Its unique features include an advanced user interface with a heap analysis tool and graphical function.

Other piracy tools: In addition to the tools mentioned above, there are a lot of hacking tools used by hackers. They do not belong to any particular category, but are very popular among hackers:

19. Netcat

This is a featured service network utility. It can read and write data on all network connections using the TCP / IP protocol. It is a reliable back-end tool that can be handled easily and directly by other scripts and programs.

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20. traceroute

This is an IP tracking or tracing tool that shows the path of the Internet packages through which it has passed to reach the specific destination. Identify the IP address of each hop along the way to the destination.


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