40+ Powerful Hacking Tools To Become A Powerful Hacker in 2022

powerful hacking tools

Here are the next 40+ Powerful hacking tools that will make you a powerful hacker.

Creating packages to exploit Firewall weaknesses

1. hping

Hping was previously used as a security tool. It is now used as an assembler or command-line oriented to the TCP / IP packet analyzer. You can use it for firewall testing, advanced port scanning, network testing using fragmentation, TOS and several other protocols.


2. scapy

It is a powerful and interactive package management program. Scapy can decode or forge packets from a large number of protocols at a time. One of the best features is that it can confuse the process of decoding and interpretation.

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3. netcat

Netcat is a simple Unix utility. This program can read and write data through network connections and it does so through UDP or TPC protocol. It was created as a reliable backup tool.


4. Yersinia

Not all network protocols are powerful. To take advantage of the weakness of some network protocols, Yersinia is created. It is an integrated framework that analyzes and tests networks and systems deployed.


5. Nemesis

It is a useful tool to develop and inject a command line used for network packets. This program works for Unix and Windows operating systems. It is a very suitable tool to test the network, intrusion detection system, IP stacks, firewalls, and many others.

6. socat

It is still a command-line utility. It can establish two bidirectional byte streams through which it transfers data. In this tool, sequences can be constructed from a large set of different data sinks.

Packet sniffers to analyze traffic

7. Wireshark

If you want to put a security system, Wireshark is an indispensable security tool. It monitors each byte of data transferred through the network system. If you are a network administrator or a penetration tester, this tool is indispensable.


8. tcpdump

Tcpdump is a command-line packet analyzer. After completing the designated Tcpdump packet capture task, the report will be launched containing the numbers of the captured packet and packets received by the filter. Users can use flags like -v, -r, and -w to run this package analysis tool.


9. Ettercap

This is the complete sequel in the middle of the attack. It has the particularity of detecting live connections and filtering content with many other interesting tricks. It offers three interfaces, traditional command line, graphical interface, and Ncurses.

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10. dsniff

Dsniff is the collection of various tools used for penetration testing and network auditing. Tools like dsniff, msgsnarf, mailsnarf, webspy, and urlsnarf passively control a network of interesting data like files, emails, passwords, and many others.


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