40+ Powerful Hacking Tools To Become A Powerful Hacker in 2020


31. KeePass

KeePass is an open-source free password management tool for Microsoft Windows, as well as unofficial ports for operating systems such as iOS, Linux, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows Phone. KeePass stores all usernames, passwords and all other fields in a secure and encrypted database. This database, in turn, is protected by a single password.

Vulnerability exploit tool piracy

32. Metasploit

Metasploit was launched in 2004 and was an instant success in the world of computer security. Metasploit provides data on security system vulnerabilities and also facilitates penetration testing.

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33. sqlmap

It is a penetration testing tool available in open source. Its purpose is to automate the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection failures and to support database servers.

34. SQL ninja

The main purpose of this tool is to access a vulnerable database server; It is used for pen testing so that the control procedure of a database server can be automated when the vulnerability of an SQL injection has been followed.

Social Engineering Toolkit

This toolbox, also known as SET, was designed by TrustedSec. The tool is open source and is controlled by Python. It is used to perform penetration tests around the social engineer.

35. NetSparker

It is a web-based security scanner that has an operating engine to confirm security flaws and allows the user to concentrate on removing security threats with their free Fake Positive function.

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36. beEF

BeEF is the short-term term for the browser’s operating framework. It is a penetration-testing tool that focuses on a web browser and, therefore, reaches the actual security position of the target environment.

37. Dradis

Dradis means Direction and Distance. It is an open-source vulnerability scanner or an application that allows efficient exchange of information, especially when evaluating the security of the system in a central repository.

Vulnerability Scanners

38. Nessus

Nessus is the most popular vulnerable scanner in the world on the list for the years 2000, 2003 and the 2006 survey on security tools. It is a free vulnerability scanner for personal use in a non-commercial environment.

39. OpenVAS

This scanner is considered by many as the most advanced vulnerability scanner in the world and a powerful and comprehensive tool for vulnerability analysis and management solutions. It is free software and is maintained daily.

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40. Nipper

It is an analyzer for network infrastructure and its complete form is Network Infrastructure Parser. This open-source scanner helps you control, configure, and manage devices for the network infrastructure, as well as manage computer networks.

9 Additional Powerful Hacking Tools Bonus for you.

41. Secunia PSI

It is a free computer security software that scans software on a computer system. It tracks non-Microsoft third-party programs that require security updates to protect your computer from hackers and cybercriminals.

42. retina

Retina, with more than 10,000 implementations, is one of the most sophisticated vulnerability scanners on the market. It facilitates effective identification of IT vulnerability and is also available as a stand-alone application. It identifies weaknesses in configuration and missing patches.

43. QualysGuard

It is a vulnerability management scanner that provides solutions for vulnerability management through web-based applications. Designed by Qualys Inc., it is available upon request. It helps users analyze their vulnerability.

44. NeXpose

Vulnerability management is one of the best security practices to protect your system or network against security threats. Nexpose is a vulnerability scanner that performs various types of vulnerability checks in case of a security risk.

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Web Vulnerability Scanners

45. Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a tool for testing web application security. It has a collection of tools that work together and drive the entire testing process to find and exploit security vulnerabilities.

46. Webscarab

It is a test tool for web security applications. It was written in Java and, therefore, is independent of the operating system. It acts as a proxy and allows users to modify web queries by web browsers and web server responses. Webscarab often logs traffic for a more thorough review.

47. Websecurify

Website security is a crucial factor for both personal and organizational websites. The main objective should be to detect the vulnerability of your website before an intruder detects it. Websecurify is a testing tool for website security and can be used to detect the vulnerability of your websites.

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48. Nikto

It is a scanner for web servers and is available in open source. It performs detailed testing for multiple elements on web servers, including testing over 6700 files or programs that can be dangerous. Also, test specific problems with the webserver versions.

49. w3af

This tool exposes more than 200 potential vulnerabilities and, therefore, minimizes security threats on your websites. It is written in the programming language Python. W3af has both the user interface of the console and the graphical user interface.

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