A Malware Is Using Inbuilt Intel’s Amt Vulnerability To Steal Data

intel amt vulnerability

Intel AMT Vulnerability SOL detected hidden network interface

This is the result of the Intel AMT Vulnerability SOL component of Intel ME (Management Engine), a standalone processor-integrated Intel CPU, which runs a set of its own software.

Intel ME works even once the main processor is out, and while this feature seems somewhat dim, Intel aims to provide me with the capabilities of remote companies that manage huge networks of thousands of PC management.

In a stack of ME components, AMT provides external management functionality for Intel processors in Pro and Chipsets. The AMT SOL can be an over-LAN serial interface for the Intel AMT remote management feature that displays a virtual serial interface via TCP.

Because this AMT SOL interface works within the Intel ME, it is independent of a range of traditional software, where firewalls and security products are installed.

In addition, as a result of operating within the Intel ME, the AMT SOL interface can stay current and useful, even if the computer is out, however, the PC is still physically connected to the network, allowing the Intel engine to send or receive the knowledge through TCP.

Overall, cyberespionage teams are fascinated by the first place to stay hidden, so the firewall was AMT SOL, which avoids the effect, the main reason behind the group decided to implement.

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Fortunately, Microsoft said it is ready to identify the inside process paths of malware that may allow security products for ATP Defender Windows before accessing and starting the AMT SOL interface. This gives companies a warning that a set of malware may be infected.

When contacted by Microsoft, Intel said no cluster did not take advantage of any security vulnerability in Intel’s AMT SOL interface, however, this was another classic of serious personnel who use advanced technology for legitimate functions in an attempt to do serious things.

It is good news that Intel AMT SOL has been disabled by default all Intel CPUs, which means that the computer owner or national systems administrator must change this feature handy.

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