How to make money with videos: a beginner’s guide

How to make money with videos


Since its inception, the internet has made our lives easier. One of the best benefits has been the ease to earn money right from the comfort of your homes. YouTube came shortly after the internet and created a sensation with its features. It was the first application that showed and consolidated the importance of videos in daily life. Stemming from this, video marketing turned into a huge community, grossing billions of dollars every year. Currently, there is no company in the world that does not employ videos as an integral part of their marketing strategies.

That being said, you can already understand what a huge scope this makes for you, both in terms of money and career opportunities. You could be a video marketer working with one of these companies, or you could leverage videos to earn yourself a living. Being disciplined enough to follow a strict routine of making and editing videos, sometimes for no money at all, can be frustrating. However, with good resources and the right guide, video making and marketing can be very fulfilling.

Making Money with Videos

Apart from companies who hire video editors like yourself, you can start off on your own and make it big. In fact, even though the second alternative looks tough, it pays you more in the longer run.

All being said, what you really need to get started is a great video editor and maker such as InVideo that hosts multiple features for creating captivating videos. InVideo also has a range of options for easy editing of videos and is free of cost. Once a video editor and maker have been chosen, you can follow the list given below to make money via those videos:

  • Make videos for your YouTube channel: YouTube is the most profitable way to monetize your video making and editing efforts. YouTube was created in 2005 so that people could watch and share videos with one another without the hassles of occupying memory. Today, it is the largest company in the world that deals with videos. If you wish to make money with your video-making talents, this is your ideal place. But be advised, it is not easy to set up camp on YouTube. It used to be quite simpler when there weren’t as many creators on the platform. However, with every second person creating videos, especially for YouTube, and most of them doing a brilliant job, competition is tough. Nonetheless, if you promise entertaining and valuable content to your viewers, you, too, can make it big as a YouTuber. To monetize your videos on YouTube, you must have crossed a certain watch-time limit and one of your videos posted in the last 12 months should have more than 1000 views.


  • Offer services associated with video making and video editing: Freelancers have always had a reputation for earning peanuts. But that is just a myth in present times. Done well, freelancing can earn you a fortune. The best part is, you can quit anytime, without any hassle. Hence, if you are a talented video creator or editor, consider freelancing seriously. There are plenty of companies in the market that outsource their work and get it done by freelancers. You can offer your services to such companies through portals like Fiverr and Upwork. You can also leverage LinkedIn to connect with such companies and offer them your services.


  • Make video tutorials for various tutoring websites: Tutoring websites are making it big in the market, especially now since more and more people are looking to up their skills. If you are great in a specific niche, you could collaborate with one or more of these websites and offer to deliver video tutorials on your subject of choice. In most cases, this is appreciated, and you can earn good money upfront. Some websites even agree to pay you on a monthly basis, thereby securing your payment every month.


  • Sell videos: If you have good quality videos made already, sell them! If you love creating videos, or if you are a videographer, there is a possibility that you already have tons of videos lying with you. They can become an easy source for making money. All you need to do is, find someone who will be willing to buy those videos from you. Now, this can either be too easy or too tough, depending on your videos and where you are looking for buyers. Videos related to wildlife sell like hotcakes if you can get noticed by companies like National Geographic or Discovery.


The beauty of the list given above is, you can either do any one of the five activities or engage in all of them. In fact, it is more like a process where you start with one and end up doing all. Knowing what videos will work well requires tapping into the psychology of your viewers. Once you have that figured out, everything else will fall into place. Moreover, there is plenty of software that helps you create great videos even as a beginner. You can start off with video maker InVideo as it provides the perfect interface for a beginner and also lets you learn the more advanced techniques. Sticking to one platform helps you create a comfort zone for yourself.


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