How To Hack and Track Someone Facebook Account


Cocospy is a world-renowned spy app with millions of users worldwide. Its comprehensive yet straightforward features have made it a top favorite spy app for Android and iOS ultimately earning it recognition from PC World, Android Authority, Forbes, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, PCMag, TechRadar, among many others.

What’s Different with Cocospy?

The market is full of phone tracking apps, but only the best can become top-of-head app like Cocospy. Users enjoy the simple installation procedure which does not require rooting or jailbreaking of phones. The process is as simple as installing the app on the target’s phone and letting it do all the heavy lifting for you.

The app is easy to install and unnoticeable upon installation. The user will have no clue that their activities are being monitored. Further, you get to view calls, hack Facebook, view messages, and all installed social media accounts’ activities especially Whatsapp.

Cocospy gives you a report of what is in the user’s device as well as what’s recently deleted. This gives you an upper hand just in case you missed the live messages or information. The premium version offers real-time updates where you can follow your target’s activities without necessarily being in the same room with them.

Cocospy’s Features

With cocospy, you become a veteran spy in tracking a gadget’s location, retrieving voice notes, and viewing social media activities. Below are some of Cocospy’s best features.

  1. Location Tracking

The incorporation of a location tracker with the cocospy is vital especially for parents who want to know their children’s movements. Geofence is one of the location tracking features that allow you to set a location limit. Once the person or the gadget crosses the boundary you’ve placed, you immediately get an alert.

The app gives you the location in real-time such that if the target offers you incorrect information, you can verify from the app in an instant.

  • Spying on Browsing History

You can now view the web history of the target’s gadget which comes complete with timestamps. The feature allows you to see what the user’s interests are on the web as you view the type of websites they frequent as well as the amount of time they spend on specific sites.

  • Phone Call Tracking

Cocospy does not miss any received or sent call on the user’s device. It keeps a record on your dashboard so that you can listen in later. At a glance, the app will let you know the number of calls made or received within a specific duration of time. Besides, you can also listen in real-time.

  • Social Media Spy

Cocospy is an expert in checking the target’s activities on Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and Instagram. The other person cannot tell whether their actions are being monitored. Cocospy checks on video chats, chat messages, posts in groups, audio calls, and profile updates. 

  • SMS Message Spy

When a monitored phone receives or sends a message, the app will let you know about it. It’s not only easy to view the messages, but also to download any form of attachment that is accompanying the message. Furthermore, Cocospy has an in-app capability of helping you find the details of the message sender or recipient.

Advantages of Using Cocospy Hidden Spy

  1. iOS phone users can have the application without jailbreaking their phones or installing apps on the target’s phones.
  2. You don’t need to dig for information after installing the app. Cocospy brings out everything on the surface that you need to listen to or view.
  3. It’s compatible with Android devices without rooting the phone first.
  4. The app will let you know the possible times that the user is likely to be online on the social sites so you can view their activity in real-time. This feature saves you waiting time and cuts down the frustration of waiting around to see them online.


Cocospy helps to ease your peace of mind by giving you detailed accounts of everything you need to know about your target. The app is a spy’s dream come true. It’s a complete package covering social media sites, text messaging, phone calls, and geographical location. The best part about cocospy is that it’s easy to use and install.


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