How To Hack WiFi Password using PMKID in 2022

hack wifi password

Are you looking for a way to hack a WiFi password or WiFi hacking software?

Well, a security researcher unveiled a new Wi-Fi hacking technique that makes it easier for hackers to crack Wi-Fi passwords on most modern routers.

Discovered by leading developer of the famous Henscat password hacking tool, Jens ‘Atom’ Steube, the new WiFi hack works clearly against WPA / WPA2 wireless network protocols with roaming functions based on PMKID (Pairwise Master Key Identifier).

The attack of violating Wi-Fi networks compatible with WPA / WPA2 was detected accidentally by Steube while analyzing the new WPA3 security standard.

This new Wi-Fi hacking method can allow attackers to reset the password to gain access to a shared key (PSK), allowing hacking into a Wi-Fi network and intercepting Internet communications.

How to hack WiFi password using PMKID

According to the researcher, the previously known methods of Wi-Fi hacking force attackers to wait for network access and intercept full 4-way authentication negotiation by EAPOL, which is a network port authentication protocol.

hack wifi password

Although the new attack no longer requires another user to be on the target network for credentials. Instead, it works on a strong security information element (RSN IE) with a single Extensible Authentication Protocol over LAN (EAPOL) structure when requested from an access point.

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Robust Security Network is a protocol used to establish secure communication over an 802.11 wireless network and has PMKID, the key necessary to establish the connection between the client and the access point, as one of its functions.

Step 1: An attacker can use a tool, e.g. hcxdumptool (version 4.2.0 or later) to request PMKID from a specific access point and download the received frame to a file.

$ ./hcxdumptool -o test.pcapng -i wlp39s0f3u4u5 –enable_status

Step 2: Using the hcxpcaptool utility, the output (in pcapng format) of the frame can then be converted to a hash format accepted by Hashcat.

$ ./hcxpcaptool -z test.16800 test.pcapng

Step 3: Use the Hashcat password hacking tool (version 4.2.0 or later) to get the WPA PSK (distributed key) password and bingo. Here’s how to hack a Wi-Fi password.

$ ./hashcat -m 16800 test.16800 -a 3-in 3 ‘? L? L? L? L? L? lt! “

This is the password for the target wireless network, which may take some time depending on its length and complexity.

“We currently don’t know for which providers or how many routers this technology will work, but we believe that it will work with all 802.11i / p / q / r roaming networks (most modern routers),” says Steube, he said.

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Because the new WiFi hack only works on networks with roaming features enabled and requires hackers to force a password, users should protect their WiFi network with a secure password that is difficult to decrypt.

This WiFi hack does not work on the next-generation WPA3 wireless security protocol because the new protocol is “much more difficult to attack” due to its modern key definition protocol called “Simultaneous Equal Authentication” (SAE).


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