How To Lock Anyone Facebook Account Without Password

How To Lock Anyone Facebook Account Without Password

Hey!! Hello Everyone Official Hacker is Back Again With This New Trick “how to lock anyone facebook account without password”.

Step 1: Send this message to your victim (your Facebook friend) who you want to lock their Facebook account.

HTTP: //34255353309

Step 2: – Ask them to please. First, ask them to copy this link. Then ask them to delete the space left after HTTP: //. Then ask them to paste this link into their profile or in the form of comments on Facebook via their account.

The link should be like this (HTTP: // 34255353309) Space on both sides is deleted. If you try it in your Facebook account with space, your account will be locked, temp. Be careful before using this trick on your Facebook account.

Step 3: – That’s it! Once done, the account will close as soon as they did: Green: Very funny and interesting? Yeah! Will it be? Do you have a little fun?

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Now We Have Seen “How To Lock Anyone Facebook Account Without Password”, Now Let’s See How To Unlock It 

If your Facebook account is temporarily blocked, do not worry. It is solved again after a simple trick that was added below. If your username/file / Facebook account is temporarily blocked, follow this method,

Step 1: Timer – When you see “AcTemporarily your replies”, click Continue.

Step 2 – Next, fill a security challenge by entering a verification word photo.

Step 3 – Confirm your identity by answering a security question, check by phone or phone number to identify your friends on Facebook. That’s it! Have fun and have fun with your friends with this trick.

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I hope this publication ends with another great thing, informative things about locking and opening a Facebook account in 3 steps.

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