Data of 200 Million Voters Compromised On Unsecured Server

Data of 200 Million Voters Compromised On Unsecured Server

Information Has exposed Data of 200 Million Voters Compromised On Unsecured Server and more than 60% of the US population to what is considered the largest exhibition is known to voters.

This error was caused by deep-root analytics (DRA), a data analysis company used by the Republican National Committee of the United States (RNC), which “falsely” left sensitive personal Data of 200 Million Voters Compromised On Unsecured Server on the Amazon S3 server.

The flight data contains a wealth of personal data about 61 percent of the US population.

In addition to the original places of birth and telephone numbers for the dates, the recordings include a high sense of analysis used by political groups to predict which individual voters fall on current issues such as firearms ownership, stem cell research, and abortion rights.

As alleged religious association and race. The data was collected from various sources – the main prohibited deputy / fatpeoplehate to American Crossroads, a Super PAC co-founded by former White House strategist Karl Rove.

The deep-rooted analysis confirmed stable commercial data sets the public for political ads, ownership of the data to Gizmodo Friday.

Cyber Risk Analyst Chris Vicky UpGuard Deep Rootology Data Online Last Week. More than a terabyte is stored on the cloud server without password security and can be accessed by anyone who found it in the URL.

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Not many deep root files, but all of the external data carriers and Super Super PAC Republicans, have begun to highlight the increasingly sophisticated data ecosystem that has helped drive the thin margins of Donald Trump in key swing states.

Although the files controlled by Deep Root are typical in any campaign, Republicans or Democrats, experts say their viability in one open database raises serious concerns about confidentiality.

“This is priceless for people who have negative effects,” said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist at the Center for Justice and Technology.

The political group of the American Koch Brothers for Success, which has entered into a data-sharing agreement with confidence data during the election period in 2016, has strongly contributed to record numbers, market research and TargetPoint, which co-founded before the chief executive of the Mitt Romney strategy team.

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(The Koch Brothers has also funded the organization of data known as the i360, which began to share electoral data with confidence data in 2014.)

In addition, the files provided by American Crossroads Rove contain electoral data strategy used to target, among other things, Democrats are independent and unwanted Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and other major states.


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