How To Create Fake Whatsapp Account Without Number With Video Demonstration

how to create fake whatsapp account without number

Hey, Guys Official Hacker Team Is Back With An Another Trick “How To Create Fake Whatsapp Account Without Number”. Yes! We can Create Fake Whatsapp Account Without Number

Whatsapp is the best instant messaging in real time. In addition, it is famous all over the world, but with him, hackers and intruders become violent. Privacy protection is a risk with this personal instant messaging program. We decided to reveal the trick to create a fake WhatsApp account with one 2016 issue of stuff.

Due to some of the privacy reasons WhatsApp, this is the software blocks WhatatsApp uses the fake WhatsApp account. But, so far, we have the best application to create the false WhatsApp account the easiest way to this Primo application name.

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How To Create Fake WhatsApp Account Without Number


1) First, you must download the Primo app from the Google Play Store – click here

2) Now that you’ve downloaded an app from the basic link above, install it and open it, and then click Save.

3) Now enter your first name and last name, also choose your username and password, confirm your password and click Register.

4) Now you need to check your mobile number to get your US number and go ahead.

5) Now enter your 10 digit phone number and click submit you will get the OTP on the registered phone number. Copy it and enter it to verify your account.

So, after checking, you should go to Options where you can see your fake US number that can be used via WhatsApp application as shown below in the picture.

You can see at the bottom that there is a number that is unique to your own and you can use it for WhatsApp. You do not have to buy anything for it, it lasts.

How to Enter Primo Number In the WhatsApp

1. Open WhatsApp and enter this number to register

2. Now you say Confirm number and click Confirm.

3. You will see an error message saying that we can not send a message to your specific phone number. Do not panic.

4. Click Contact me and make sure that your primary application is open.

6.Pick up the call and hear the voice of Watts Abbott stating the verification code.

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7.Mémorisez code, then open the WhatsApp application and enter the verification code.

8.Done, now you have your own WhatsApp your free account where you can send an anonymous message.

Video Demonstration



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