How To Hack Facebook Using Firesheep With Video Demonstration

how to hack facebook using firesheep

How to hack Facebook using Firesheep

Hello, Guys, Official Hacker Came With A  Trick For You on How To Hack Facebook Using Firesheep. This tip is not only on Facebook, but it also works for low secure sites such as Twitter, Flickr but not on secure sites like Gmail.So here is a tip for hacking Facebook and Twitter Wi-Fi password.

So I’ll show how to protect against this hack. This trick requires no knowledge of programming and anyone can use this trick easily.

Firesheep is an extension of the Firefox Web browser that uses a packet sniffer to intercept the link is not encrypted session cookies from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Tap Wizard WiFi connections and listen to the definition of session cookies. When discovering a session cookie, cookie tool uses to get the identity of belonging to this meeting. It is displayed identities that have been collected (the victims) in a sidebar in Firefox. By clicking on the name of the victim, the victim’s hearing of the victim by the attacker.

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Extension of its mission in October 2010 as evidence of the security risks for removal vulnerabilities for site users who only encrypt the login process and the session is not the cookie (s) that were created During the login process. He warned that using the extension to capture unauthorized connection details would be a violation of wiretap laws and/or IT security laws in some countries. Despite the threat environment for security by Firesheep, representatives of Mozilla add-ons said it will not use the internal blacklist add-browser to disable the use of Firesheep, since the list Black is not only used to disable spyware or additions that inadvertently create security holes, instead of attacking tools (which can legitimately be used to test their own security systems)


1. Firefox browser

2. Firesheep extension Firefox

Now Let See How To Hack Facebook Using Firesheep

1.Download Firesheep Firefox extension. This is a free extension for the Firefox browser. (You can download the program from the Firefox plugin store, otherwise, Google to download)

2. Once installed, it opens the sidebar window in your Firefox browser.

3.Now will be all people who are connected to the Unsecured Wi-Fi network. When They Log into your Facebook account or Twitter will receive a notification and just one click you can log into their account.

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This whole thing works on the technique of cookie hijacking.Once your session cookie is hacked then anybody can log in to your account.These cookies can be easily captured on an unsecured wi-fi network.

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How to protect yourself from this:

The best way to protect yourself from hacking this trick is to avoid using your Facebook or Twitter accounts on Wi-Fi networks is not as safe as security is the interruption of sites not on your side.

Note: This article is to inform you about how your password can be hacked and how Mnaha.hma article is purely for educational purposes.

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