Wanna Cry Ransomware Hackers Withdraw $143,000 Through Bitcoins

Wanna Cry Ransomware

Cybercriminals behind Wanna Cry Ransomware worldwide attack that have caused worldwide chaos have finally earned their ransom payments.

Nearly three months ago, the Wanna Cry ransomware shut down hospitals, telecommunication providers, and many companies around the world, infecting hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries, encrypting files and uploading victims $ 300- $ 600 keys.

The wanna cry Ransomware was very bad, as the nasty ransomware forced the NHS British (National Health Service) to disrupt the doctor’s of hospitals and doctor’s offices and infect a Spanish telecommunication company and a telecommunication operator of Russia, among others.

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Even a month after the incident, Wanna Cry ransomware has found systems of the infectious Honda Motor Company, forcing the factory to stop production and 55-speed cameras and traffic lights in Victoria, Australia.

In general, hackers behind Wanna Cry Ransomware have made $ 140,000 in bitcoins from victims who paid for decryption keys – but for almost three months have not touched three of their wallets in which victims were instructed to send rescue payments.

However, Wanna Cry Ransomware hackers have begun recovering their cryptocurrencies Wednesday night.

According to a Wanna Cry Ransomware tracking for Twitter repurchase, only 338 victims have paid $ 300 in bitcoins for a total of $ 140,000.

On Wednesday night, this money was withdrawn in 7 different payments in 15 minutes, although it is unclear where money is sent, or how the attacker will use it.

If you are not aware, we recently reported Google’s search on how cyber criminals and ransomware hackers sell their money stolen or looted by cryptographic encryption exchanges that are involved in money laundering.

Last week even the German authorities have arrested a supposed costs for the exchange of Bitcoin BTC-popular recycling operator and more than $ 4 billion in Bitcoin from the authors of hacking attacks, tax fraud, and drug trafficking without Identify them.

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The identity behind the ransomware of Wanna Cry Ransomware is still unknown, although some researchers have tracked Wanna Cry Ransomware to a group of hackers sponsored by Lazarus was called in North Korea, while others believe that the authors could be Chinese.

The Wanna Cry Ransomware epidemic was using the self-propagating exploit functionality of SMBv1 NSA, called EternalBlue to infect vulnerable Windows computers, especially those using earlier versions of the operating system.

While most interested organizations are back to normalcy, law enforcement from around the world is still on the hunt.k for Plagiarism”


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