Hacker Sentenced More Than 3 Years Jail For Spreading Linux Malware

linux malware

A Russian man accused of infecting tens of thousands of servers through Linux malware around the world to generate millions of dollars in fraudulent payments was imprisoned for 46 months (almost four years) in a federal prison in the United States.

Maxim Senakh, 41, from Velikiy Novgorod, was arrested by the Finnish police in August 2015 for his role in developing and maintaining the infamous Linux botnet called Ebury that Sifó has millions of victims worldwide.

Senakh was extradited to the United States in February 2016 to answer the charges and pleaded guilty at the end of March this year after admitting the creation of a huge Ebury botnet and personally benefiting from the plan.

Ebury is an SSH Trojan backdoor for Linux and Unix operating systems such as FreeBSD or Solaris, which attaches complete control over the infected computer remotely, although the password for the affected user account has changed regularly.

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Senakh and his associates used the Linux malware to build an Ebury botnet network of thousands of compromised Linux systems using Linux malware that had the ability to send more than 35 million spam messages and redirect more than 500,000 online visitors each day to exploit the kits.

Senakh has fraudulently generated millions of dollars of revenue running spam campaigns and committing click fraud on advertising.

“Working in a massive criminal enterprise, Maxim Senakh has helped create a sophisticated infrastructure that has killed thousands of Internet users around the world,” said Acting Agent Brooker.

“As a company becomes more computer-dependent, computer criminals like Senakh represent a serious amenaza.Esta Office, along with our law enforcement partners, is committed to detecting and prosecuting computer criminals regardless of where they reside.”

Ebury reported in 2011 after Donald Ryan Austin, 27, of El Portal, Florida, the trojan installed on multiple servers owned by kernel.org and Linux Foundation, which maintain and distribute the Linux operating system kernel.

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Austin, a stranger Ebury criminal band, was arrested in September last year and was accused of 4 intentional transmission counts causing damage to a secured computer.

Senakh faced a total of 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud and violate Computer Fraud and Abuse.

However, a US judge ruled Senakh Thursday at 46 months in prison, the Justice Department said Thursday. The case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Minneapolis.

The Senate will be deported to Russia after his release from the US prison.


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