US Security Contractors Left Confidential Files On Amazon Servers Without Password

security contractors

According to the new report, the US news agency for the US Security Contractors without a password on the file sensitive to Amazon’s public server experience was issued by the country’s top daily newspaper.
Upgrading Computer Threats analyst Chris Sale’s cache intelligence agency (Aina Jie), a US military research project at 60,000 Amazon’s Amazon storage and archive servers are left unprotected.

The US government and the country’s main contractor defense document passwords, sensitive information to maintain the system’s bus safety certification include Allen Hamilton, an executive.

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However, the researchers were for sale in any big secret files, documents, and other evidence of access to classified files include trials, including code repositories.

The high-security system has been communicated Master kridainsialaza.

According to divulgation reports Gaia Gizmodo about 28, a buzzing Alan dependent safe private hull (aisaaisaaica) the keys, and the government secret contractor with retirement include half a dozen plain text passwords
The most money? Administrative access to the high-security printing system, including master evidence, was open.

It was the occasion to hide sensitive files securely, and people did not know exactly where, but sensitive files to download, content know that every person selling Alan and data bus.
“In short, information is usually superior to the level of security contractors secret approval Dauda, you must see in the right place, a high-class level is required to access the contents of the certificate is not required any kind of Hacking, “said sales.

Popular and responsible for sales managers, which is very open Dai Asai tam Internet track. Two months ago, it was linked to a secure database and made public, it has recorded nearly 1.4 billion City Media (included) found users included.

About 13 to 191 million in 2015, including the American record of voters maika kip ira details and a large cache of users, reported sales.

Buzz Aina Jie and Elaine are studying two controversies Ainajie control safety intervals.

“We are the first weak point potential, we are actually immediately overturned as,” the statement said about Ainajie, learned. “The IT security process and the security review continue. All this kind of event with the UNIQI partners will evaluate the state process before determining the correct execution.”

However, the wrong information in the Allen Company point continues to expand the court said the test.

“Alan Bos takes very seriously any data breaches and the cloud environment to easily check with some security contractors the keys begin,” said a spokesman for Alan Bos, jizamodo

“We have the keys and security contractors detail of the judicial investigation. So far, there have been compromises, found no evidence that any information classified as a result of this case.”
Buz Allen Hamilton reveals that he has coated with Universal Veda’s always aisle blocker Edward Snowden has been named as the only consulting company. It’s between 100 and once the US federal contractor is “the most productive spy organization in the world,” as described.


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