FreeRADIUS Fixed An Authentication ByPass Vulnerability


FreeRADIUS RADIUS Server is the most popular open server and RADIUS resource is widely used worldwide. It supports all standard authentication protocols. It is considered the most popular RADIUS server in the world and has been used by many Fortune 500 companies and Internet service providers.

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He works on regular Linux systems and can be configured to run on a Windows machine. The server protocol enables remote access to authenticate users for connecting and configuring connectors to a central server.

FreeRadius Vulnerability (CVE-2017-9148):

“TTLS in FreeRADIUS and PEAP Implementation of Internal Authentication When Recovery Connection Manager TLS has this advantage, it is unseen, but the picture is delicate. The server will ever have access to the TLS session to allow the session to be in contact with him Complete where the internal success is complete. ”

“However, the Cape Circle allows TLS to be successfully disabled and aggressive (eg dangerous supplies) without the failure to obtain reliable valid credence until the authenticated version of the FreeRADIUS restart session is authenticated.”

Version affected:

2.2.x (Encyclopedia of Life, but still exists in some Linux distributions): All versions.
3.0.x (fixed): All previous versions 3.0.14
3.1.x and 4.0X (development) :. All versions of 02/04/2017

It is recommended that all users of the version 3.0.14 caching disabled sessions have to upgrade TLS. Set = Sub-section Module settings not enabled in Cache EAP


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