To Support Net Neutrality Internet Giants are Coming Together for ‘Day of Action’

Net Neutrality

Teams announced Tuesday that would stop “online work day level” on July 12 and will facilitate their supporters to flood the Federal Communications Commission and Congress pro net neutrality letters.

It seems that Amazon’s largest Internet company involved in the rally and joined Simpy, Aetsi, Vimeo, Mozilla, and others. Sponsored by the protest zone support unit, such as teams from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Greenpeace.

Evan Greer, director of the campaign in the long-term campaign, in an outdated statement: “We have mobilized mass mobilization through the Internet to protect the strong neutrality of the United States on the Internet that we have today, and we will fight with nails and Teeth to defend it. ”

“I have learned politicians in Washington, DC, that net neutrality is not a partisan issue and will not tolerate Web users with these attacks on our basic rights – we will move to protect the Web as an open platform for free expression And the exchange of ideas. ”

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The Federal Communications Commission is currently public comments on President Ajith eBay’s proposal to cancel the legal framework of the IAEA net neutrality standards, which require Web service providers to place bottleneck interferences or make “fast lanes “For the websites, you are required to shop at.

Republicans such as eBay also because broadband is opposed to trade rules as a result of the reclassification of network service as a public service institution, meaning that providers have been exposed to more difficult than the Federal Communications Commission for organizing. They say that these rules hinder innovation and hurt the economy.

There are not many details about what the working day groups are doing, but their announcement confirmed that the organization had simply started.

Supporters of neutrality and trying to gather strong supporters to submit comments in favor of the rules on continuation. It seems that the strategy is working because of Aldokt currently with more than 4.9 million comments.

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