Hackers Are Making $63,000 In 3 Months By Exploiting Microsoft Servers To Mine Monero

Mine Monero

Mining cryptocurrencies like mine monero can be a costly investment as they require a monstrous amount of computing power, so hackers have begun using malicious software that steals computer resources from interfering computer to make a lot of dollars in digital currency.

Security researchers ESET in security company have found one of this malware that has infected hundreds of Windows Web server with a malicious cryptography miner and helped the criminals to make more than $ 63,000 in Mine Monero (XMR) in only three months.

According to a report released today by ESET, cybercriminals have only made changes to legitimate Mine Monero open source software and have taken advantage of a known vulnerability in Microsoft IIS 6.0 to secretly install the miner on unpatched Windows servers.

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Although the ESET investigation does not identify the attackers, it is reported that the attackers have infected the Windows web servers with the unnamed cryptocurrency without paying at least from May 2017 for the “mine Monero”, Bitcoin type of encryption.

This attacker-exploited vulnerability (CVE-2017-7269) was discovered in March 2017 by Zhiniang Peng and Chen Wu and resides in the WebDAV service of Microsoft IIS version 6.0 – the Web server in Windows Server 2003 R2.

Hence, hackers are only targeting machines which are not patched and running Windows Server 2003 to be part of a botnet, which has already helped them earn more than $ 63,000 from Moneo.

Since the vulnerability is located on a web server, which is intended to be visible from the Internet, it is accessible and exploited by anyone. Here you can learn more about the vulnerability.

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The mine Monero recently discovered malware that has a combined market valuation of approximately $ 1.4 billion, which is well beyond Bitcoin’s market capitalization, but Mine Monero’s love for cybercriminals is due to his privacy approach.

Unlike Bitcoin, mine Monero offers untraced transactions and is crypt-anonymous currency in the world today.

Another reason for hackers who are in favor of Mine Monero is that it uses a working test algorithm called CryptoNight, which fits the CPU or GPU of computers or servers, while Bitcoin mining requires specific hardware for extraction.

However, this is not the first time analysts have identified such Monster malware threats by stealing compromised computing resources.

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In mid-May, researcher Proofpoint Kafeine discovered the encrypted mining malware, called ‘Adylkuzz’, which was using exploits EternalBlue – created by the NSA and was unloaded last month by the shadow runners in April – to infect unstained Windows systems to my monkey.

A week earlier, researchers have discovered GuardiCore a new malware botnet, called BondNet, which also infects Windows systems, with a combination of techniques for the first time to extract Monero.


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