Hong Kong protest messaging app: what chat do the activists use?


The Hong Kong sit-ins migrated from the streets to the online discussions. The heads of the activist groups transferred the data via Telegram, as it believed to be the most secure app for communication.


But recently, the Chinese government detected those rebels who communicated within Telegram; this resulted in mass arrests. As soon as the security breach happened, Telegram is no more trusted for sensitive chats.


Firstly, the app doesn’t encode group conversations, which protestors used. Secondly, it handles digital footprint, such as location, IP, etc. The recent downloads surge of Bridgefy and FireChat proved that activists explore the alternatives, which enable chatting with only Bluetooth.


The drawback of the suggested before apps are poor bandwidth. For this reason, some groups switched to encrypted Utopia P2P networks. We tried the service also to share our honest impression. Dig into the details and tools set in this review.


Can Utopia become the next Hong Kong protest messaging app?


uMessenger is a part of the Utopia ecosystem, so it’s combined with additional functions. Elliptic Curve25519 encrypts the instant chat while the 256-bit AES is responsible for the in-house storage. The listed mechanisms make uMessenger fitting for the activists’ goals – it meets the core standards of privacy. There is a zero chance that law institutions or government read the secret data. Let’s clarify the details:


  • Decentralization – no governmental invasions. Since there is no central server, only protestors can see the content of the messages. This app doesn’t collect and store metadata. So that authority chase and custody are excluded.
  • There are no betrayal risks, thanks to anonymity. The app doesn’t ask to indicate the name, phone, email, and other private information when registering. Since protestors can’t identify the personality of the people in the chat, they can’t reveal each other.
  • Overflowing tools guarantee outspoken planning. Thanks to the integrated uTags, chats are attached to a location. The participants can discuss the current state of things considering their real-time position.
  • Activists discuss impartial news on channels and sites. The actual information is shared on read-only encrypted channels. Moreover, protestors can design a secure website hosted within Utopia to distribute their plans and outlook without any risk. Only registered members can see sites and channels.
  • Hybrid mode displays chats, emails, wallet, and the other tool on one window. This fast-track communication and make the service user-friendly.


Even if you are not a rebel from China, Utopia is a treasure for everyone who cares about online privacy. Let’s consider the ecosystem’s features in details.


A summary of Utopia arsenal – take advantage right now!


The integrated email looks like basic mailing services. The only exception is that you can exchange emails only with the Utopia members.

Use templates to speed up a routine correspondence. No matter you are an activist or a businessman, design a layout for regular emails to apply as required.



The domestic wallet is proper for crypto transactions. A user can issue a crypto card in several easy steps. Money transfers flow immediately, and a user’s key is never indicated. E-shopping and merchant interfaces are free to use!


Mining Bot

Run the Bot to get rewarded every 15 minutes. What do you have to do? Just stay online. To get more coins, start the Bot from different devices at the same time!


To sum up

Utopia has all chances to become the Hong Kong protestors messaging app after Telegram. This self-enclosed P2P environment excludes the data leakage and will be available for mobile too. Try anonymous communication to at a new level!



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