How To Hack Facebook Using Trusted Friends Method

hack facebook using trusted friends

First, I will give information about How To Hack Facebook Using the Trusted Friends Method and then about prevention methods. Enjoy hacking

In fact, this technique only works if the victim is on his friend’s account, not only where he should appear as a friend on all 3 accounts, it does not work for some accounts because some accounts are not yet set up. up to date.

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How to know if your friend’s account can be hacked by this technique or not:

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Open via PC and now click on “I forgot my password” under Login, then another page will appear, type or paste your username or email or a link from your account. Then you can ask security questions, it differs from one account to another
1. Send a code to your email address
2. Send a code to your mobile
3. Answer your security question
4. Identify photos of your friends.

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If you can do any of these good and good things, choose “answer your security question” and write what you say until you tell the time, or if you can find access to any of these, that’s all

If that means 3 friends, which means that you can hack them, here it says select 3 friends and he will send a code to his mobile number.

Rules to follow:

1. Create three new Facebook accounts or if you have no problem

2. Select a target (you want to hack the account), then send friend requests, you must accept your friend’s request to make sure
3. The names of the accounts should not be identical,

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For example: if the name of an account is John Mark and another account name is John Henry, then you can only remove one of them while you are kidnapping, so it is better to use different names that do not match. Not at all.

4. After you accept your friend’s request, you will have to wait 7 days or more but at least 7 days, meaning all your accounts must have more than 7 days after you create the account as well as a friend, and in these 7 days or so you should talk to them a lot so that your conversation with them is on their most popular chat lists.

5. And one more thing for each account you need to add the phone number and verify them ………… There will almost be no need for a mobile phone number, but it is better to have it just in case.

6. If by chance, if you do not respond or if you do not know what to talk about, no problem, do not worry Just select a large text as data, copy and paste In your conversation with them several times (say 20-30 times contain 20)

7. Your address must also be the same as the account you wish to hack.

8. If you have been successful so far, it means that you have almost reached your goal.

9. After making sure you have a long conversation with the victim using all 3 accounts, log out of your account and click Forgotten Password, then paste your URL or username into

10. Press Enter, do not worry about security problems. At the bottom of the dialog box, you can find “You can not access any of these” Click on it, there you can see the three friends method to retrieve the password, Select your three accounts

11. If you have not added a mobile phone number to your three accounts, your account name may not appear in your trusted friend’s list, if you can see your name in the list, without adding the mobile phone number. will send to your email address

12. Click Finish and you will get codes for your 3 mobile numbers, enter the 3 codes, and then you will be directed to the password reset page.

That’s all your trick is done

How to protect yourself from “hack Facebook using trusted friends”

I. This is much simpler than piracy, which does not even take a minute
II. First log in to your Facebook account, then click “Account Settings” above LogOut
III. In the security option “You can find add friends of trust”, just add one of your accounts or if you have trusted friends to add them, that’s it, now nobody can hack your account thanks to this technique

IV. Facebook will ask you to update your trusted friends once a year, you should update it when they notice.


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