Another Ethereum ICO Hacked: Etherparty Breach


Etherparty breach announced on Sunday that its ICO website (initial bid coin) selling the chip for a lock-based smart lock contract was violated and the address to send funds to buy the chips was replaced by an address fraudulent controlled by hackers.

The Vancouver-based Etherparty is a smart construction contract that allows its users to create smart contracts in the lock chain. Companies like this ICO launch to allow them to raise funds from multiple sources.

Etherparty said the company launched its fuel token sale Sunday, October 1 at 9 am. PDT, but only 45 minutes ago, some unknown attackers overwhelmed the ICO site and replaced legitimate leadership in their own right by redirecting cryptocurrencies sent by investors to their digital portfolio.

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According to the details diffused by the Etherparty team, the company detected the mod after just 15 minutes immediately took your website for almost an hour and a half to resolve the issue, which prevents more people from sending funds for managing hackers.

Alle 11:35 A.M. PDT, the site has been rebuilt and changed to a new web server, which also includes a professional tip on it saying: “Always check the URL and verify the contract address before sending any ETH ICO.

Although Etherparty did not disclose the details of how many funds were stolen, the company was very quick to find out the whole incident, taking appropriate measures and alerting people to hacking an accident by delivering a press release.

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The company also blocked “promised to offset the affected taxpayers, with its FUEL brand, before the temporary stopping of the site at 10 is”. The Etherparty ICO is still in progress and will be open until 29 October 2017.

“Our team has consistently and effectively hampered potential security issues to avoid further escalation,” said Lisa Cheng, founder of Etherparty.

“However, we recognize and apologize for the temporary interruption of our launch day another echo. Etherparty is eager and committed to compensating all taxpayers concerned for the inconvenience.”

Either party also said that despite the hacking accident, the ICO had a positive start, “selling more than 10,000,000 fuel chips in the first hour” and sold over 400,000,000 of fuel chips before the official release in pre-sales.

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This incident marks the latest cyber attack on ICO after a $ 400,000 Ethereum theft of a computer attack that hit Enigma Project in August, about $ 8.4 million of Ethereum in fashion that hit in July and Veritaseum Witness $ 7 Million of Ether during hacking of Israel’s ICO launch of CoinDash a week before the Veritaseum ICO incision.

Because of the growing concerns surrounding ICOs about this fraud and scams, regulators around the world are taking action against the ICO’s fundraising. China has already announced an immediate ban on the entire ICO across the country.

In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has also issued an official warning about the risks of international product organizations but has not yet taken a firm decision.


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