Use BruteXSS BruteForcer For Cross Site Scripting


BruteXSS bruteforcer is a very speedy go-site Scripting Brute forcing tool that can brute force parameters. It lets you to inject several payloads from a wordlist to that particular parameter and then check the selected web page for XSS vulnerabilities. in line with the builders, “BruteXSS is noticeably correct at doing its mission and there’s no threat of false effective because the scanning could be very powerful”.

It helps both GET and post requests. And, works on Linux, windows or any tool jogging python 2.7 and above.

How to Use BruteXSS Bruteforcer (on home windows)

Download the file from GitHub (hyperlink at the bottom of the article), and then extract that report. Now open the listing and hold down the ”Shift” key after which proper-click at the empty location of that window. Now choose “Open command window right here“. and sort inside the command set off and then hit the enter key. Now you may see a window simply as shown beneath.
Be aware: You ought to have python 2.7 or above installed to your pc.

Two Methods To Do

  • Usage (GET Method):
COMMAND: python
WORDLIST: wordlist.txt
  • Usage (POST method):
COMMAND: python
POST DATA: parameter=value&parameter1=value1
WORDLIST: wordlist.txt



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