To Leak User Database Anonymous Hacker Took Down Over 10,000 Dark Web Sites


Dark net is right away going via a totally tough time.
Simply days ago, a hacker group affiliated with nameless broke into the servers of Freedom website hosting II and took down greater than 10,000 Tor-based .onion dark web sites with an alarming statement to its site visitors, which stated:

Freedom hosting II is the unmarried largest host of underground websites accessible most effective thru Tor anonymising browser that hosts somewhere among 15 and 20 percentage of all sites on the dark internet, anonymity and privateness researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis estimated.
Besides defacing all darkish internet websites hosted on Freedom hosting II with the identical message and stealing its database, the hackers also demanded a ransom for 0.1 Bitcoin (simply over $100) to go back the compromised facts to the web hosting carrier.
Now, it’s been suggested that the stolen database from Freedom hosting II has publicly been launched online to a site hosted at the Tor network, which includes the email details of nearly 381,000 customers, ‘Have I Been Pwned’ tweeted.

According to the anonymous hackers, greater than 50 percentage of all files hosted on Freedom hosting II servers had been associated with toddler pornography.
The ones illegal web sites have been the usage of gigabytes of records while Freedom web hosting II formally allows no greater than 256MB per site, the nameless hacker claimed.
similarly to darkish sites user info, the records dump additionally consists of backups of website database, most of which are primarily based on popular, unfastened, open source content control systems and boards like WordPress and PHPBB.
In an interview with Motherboard, an nameless hacker who claimed duty for the hack stated this changed into his first hack ever, and he by no means supposed to take down the hosting company.
However whilst he allegedly found several huge infant pornography web sites the use of greater than Freedom web hosting II’s stated allowance, he determined to take down the service. The hacker claimed to have downloaded 74GB of files and a customers database unload of 2.3GB.
Lewis has been analyzing the leaked records and stated that the database incorporates dark net users’ numerous simple text emails, usernames, and hashed passwords from discussion board websites hosted through Freedom hosting II.
Even as it’s bad information for customers who joined one of these boards supplying their real personal information, law enforcement could be glad, as in a separate case, the FBI used area-tracking malware to infiltrate dark web porn web sites and song character users.


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