6 Tor Relay Servers Seized By French Police In Wanna Cry Ransomware Investigation

wanna cry ransomware

Wanna cry Ransomware, the biggest Ransomware attack in history, very quickly in the worldwide media after wanna cry Ransomware more than 300,000 infected computers in more than 150 countries in 72 hours.

Governments and intelligence and law enforcement agencies have begun all over the world already its investigation and is working closely with the companies concerned to track down the hackers responsible for the global cyber attack that began on Friday 12 May .

Some researchers have returned to Lancry to a state-sponsored piracy group in North Korea, while some believe that the authors can be Chinese.

If you followed the deniers of coverage on Hacker News, you must be aware who uses Tor wanna cry Ransomware hidden service to communicate with the command and control the server.

Only yesterday we came to know that the French authorities seized at least 6 guard servers on the Tor node, hosted the hosting providers based in France, only two days after the outbreak of a wanna cry Ransomware attack during the Investigation into the incident and wanna cry.

On 15 May, Hakhiawlst, who uses the Internet Monitor “Iris”, a company Tor informed that an official of the Central Office for Combating Crime Related to Information and Communication Technology (Ookketak) Provider of Online.net host and captured the “chat 1” and “kitten2” (watch servers and reference manual) on May 14th.

Said Hacker Iris News “that the police broke into Uwe, .NET online and Versthberg hosting providers on the basis of a complaint filed by the French company Renault, which was one of the victims and the” wanna cry infection. ”

“I went to court to get information about the hoarding of my servers, but he refused Tsoidny any information, and vendors are even under gag dominance. ”

He then said of Iris, he was aware of the Caesar of the total 6 relay Tor, operated by 5 operators.

Perhaps no one was aware of the removal of these servers in question so that the owner of Dabdutob reported this incident for the first time on Saturday.

He also claimed that the French authorities had Eris made this decision after the company contacted the victim (possibly Renault, a French multinational company for the automotive industry) proxy for assistance and provided network traffic records to help To the investigation.

The Tor contract has set up securely to protect the privacy of Tor users do not keep the actual data before them, police authorities find hardly any evidence relating to the band and wanna cry ransomware.

“The private key is encrypted under size and can be protected, but please immediately revoke kitten1 and kitten2 node Tor, and this contract is also the backup guide. Iris warned.

The Lancry epidemic, which hit victims in all regions of the world uses self-deployment capabilities to infect vulnerable Windows-based computers, especially those using older versions of the operating system.

While most affected organizations are now back to normal, law enforcement agencies around the world are still hunting.


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