Beware! Apple Users,Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers

Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers

Yes, even Mac could have viruses that could spy on their users silently. So if you have a Mac and think it is immune to malware, you’re wrong. An Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers.

An unusual piece of malware that can take remote control of the webcam, screen, mouse, keyboards and install other malicious software this Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers for more than five years and was taken just a few months ago.

This Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers which is Fruit fly nicknamed, Mac malware was first detected earlier this year by researcher Thomas Reed Malwarebytes and Apple quickly released security patches to deal with dangerous malware.

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Today later, Patrick Wardle, a former NSA hacker, and now chief security researcher at SynAck Security firm, found about 400 Macs infected with the latest strain of fruit fly malware (fruit fly 2 ) In nature.

Wardle believes that the number of Macs infected with fruit fly 2 would probably be much higher as they only had access to some servers that are used to control the fruit fly.

Although it is not known who is behind the fruit fly or how Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers, researchers believe that malware has been malfunctioning for about ten years since some of its codes go back to 1998.

“Mosca, the first malicious software for the Mac OS X operating system / in 2017, is a rather intriguing example. Selective selection of biomedical research institutes is expected to be flown under the radar for many years,” Wardle said in The summary of his speech, which will present the Black Hat late this week.

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Since the initial infection vector for the fruit fly is not clear, since most malware, Mac Fly could infect through an infected site that leads to infection, or by a phishing email, or An application that has been trapped.

The fruit fly Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers is a surveillance malware that is capable of executing shell commands, moving and clicking on a mouse cursor, webcam capture, kill processes, grabbing system operation, recovering screenshots and even Alert the ‘hackers when victims are still active on their Mac.

“The only reason I can think that this malware has not been realized before it is used in very specific attacks by limiting exposure,” Reed wrote on the blog in January.

“Although there is no evidence at this point that connects this Undetectable Malware Targeting Mac Computers to a specific group, which has been specifically seen in biomedical research institutes certainly looks like it could be the result of exactly that kind of espionage.”

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Wardle was able to discover the victims of the fruit fly after registering a backup and control server (C & C), which had once been used by the attacker. Then he realized that about 400 Mac users infected by fruit fly have started connecting to that server.

From there, the investigator was also able to see the IP addresses of infected fruit fly victims, indicating that 90% of victims were in the United States.

Wardle was also able to see the victims’ Mac name, making it “very easy to say exactly who is infecting,” Forbes said.

But instead of taking on those teams or spying on the victims, Wardle contacted the judicial authorities and handed what he found to police officers, who are now investigating the matter.

Wardle believes that surveillance was the main objective of the fruit fly, although it is still unclear whether it is other hacking groups or government.

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“This does not look like a criminal type of conduct, there was no advertising, no keylogger or ransomware,”

Since the Mosca code also includes Linux commands, the malware might work fine on the Linux operating system. So, you would not be surprised if you were running a Linux fly variant.

Wardle said:
“Fruit Moss, the first malware for OS X / MacOS 2017, is a rather intriguing specimen. Selected for biomedical research institutes, it is believed to have fired under radar for many years”

“The only reason I can think that this malware was not detected before it was used in very close attacks, limiting their exposure”


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