UK Teen found guilty for selling DDoS Tools on Dark Web


A 20 years old boy named Grant Manser from a town near Birmingham,London,UK. UK teen has found guilty for selling DDoS tools on the Dark Web. This has been used to bring down websites and servers across UK and many European countries.

The UK teen hosted a website on the Dark Web and started to sell DDoS tools created by him such as DejabooterVexstresser, Netspoof and Redfinedstresser.

The price of this tools cost around £4.99 – £20 ($7 and $28), and he made nearly £50,000 ($70,000) in just four years. All the payments were made through PayPal.

According to prosecutors says that Manser’s dark web grew so large, that he got some advertisers support. Nearly 12,800 users registered, in which 400 users bought his DDoS tools, launching DDoS attacks.

DDOS Attacks




Nearly 603,249+ DDoS attacks were launched mistreatment this tool and 224,548 websites were targeted across Britain and plenty of European countries.

Police caterpillar-tracked down this adolescent when DDoS attacks on 2 Britain colleges, Harrogate and Hull faculty. They additionally captured numerous tools sold by Manser on the Dark net. even if he managed to notice his real identity.

The UK choose sentenced the teenager for eighteen months jail and additionally has got to perform a hundred hours of community work and pay £800($1,130) as value of damages to the general public.

The main feature of this tool is that they were engineered secret safeguards in his computer code. That prevented the tools from getting used to attack on the Police, hospitals, banks and therefore the law enforcement agency.


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