Trezor Model T- Next Generation Crypto Hardware Wallet (Review)

trezor model t review

Trezor Model T – Next Generation Crypto Security

This review takes a closer look at the Trezor Model T, a premium and newer version of its big brother, the Trezor One. After a short introduction, we’ll look at the hardware wallet from a variety of perspectives – design, functionality, security, and the improvements it brings to Trezor One.

What is the Trezor Model T?

Trezor Model T is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet designed to protect your funds. It fits in your pocket and connects to your computer via a USB cable.

trezor model t review

This is the top model of the new generation with an improved and modern design. Unlike its predecessor, it has a large color touchscreen that allows you to enter a PIN and passphrase on your device.

Alternatively, you can use Model T with Trezor Password Manager to help you manage your online credentials.

Trezor Model T supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies, including major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash.

Unboxing Experience

The box that the Trezor Model T comes in is slightly larger than the box that houses its sister model. The box is covered with a plastic sheet. The design of the box is sleek and modern – the black part that houses the device is elegantly hidden in a white case.

trezor model t review

The content is well organized – the package contains the device itself, a USB A to USB C cable, lanyard, a getting started guide, two bootable recovery cards (be sure to use these), four stickers, and a magnetic dock – a nice practical touch. The Magnetic Dock is a slim, adhesive-tape magnetic mount that lets you mount the Model T anywhere, even upside-down under a desk (we tested it).

At first glance, the device is elegant and easy to use. There are no awkward parts or buttons sticking out of it. The USB port of the device is covered with a hologram that protects against unauthorized access, which is an important security element. If the hologram appears broken or damaged, return the device to the manufacturer immediately.

My User Experience: smooth design, smooth operation

As with Trezor One, the guide in the package explains how to initialize your new Trezor. The process is pretty straightforward and the interface guides you through the process. The most important point is to record the collected seeds and store them in a safe place.

trezor model t review

Recovery Seed helps you recover your funds in another Trezor if you lose or damage your device. However, it is also the key to your funds; if someone steals it from you, he can steal any cryptocurrency stored in the wallet. We recommend that you store Salvage Seed on a piece of paper or even stronger material and store it where only you can reach. You must also enable PIN and passphrase protection on your device from the beginning.

Trezor Model T uses the standard, battle-tested Trezor Wallet, a web-based interface that is easy to use even for those new to cryptocurrency. Select your desired cryptocurrency from the left menu and you’re done. The user interface is smooth and completely secure. It requires confirmation of every outgoing transaction or the creation of an address directly on the device. When prompted to verify the address, you can immediately see the entire address on the screen. This means that you do not need to trust the computer you are connected to.

As mentioned above, the touchscreen is a good user experience enhancement. It allows you to enter your PIN directly on your device, which is extremely convenient and protects you from key log attacks on your computer. It also allows you to enter a passphrase using only the touchscreen.

ProcessorsARM Cortex-M4 processor @ 168 MHz embedded on STM32 F2 microcontroller
Compatibility64-bits desktop computer (Windows 7+, macOS 10.8+, Linux). Compatible with Android smartphones.
ConnectorUSB type C
SizeSize: 64mm x 39mm x 10mm
Weight: 22g
Supported Assets1050+ Supported assets


Trezor Model T- New Firmware Update

The new updates include 2 passphrase updates that primarily allow for temporary passphrase caching so you can switch between passphrase-protected wallets while using the Device. The passphrase cache is temporary, so nothing is saved after the device is turned off. Second, users will now be asked to choose how to enter their passphrase on the device itself, rather than on your computer or phone.

trezor model t review

A notable innovation is the erasure code, which acts as a “self-destructing PIN”. When entered on the device itself, on your computer or phone, the erase code erases all personal data from your Trezor and resets the device to factory default settings. Trezor prompts users to write and erase code somewhere near your device as a fake PIN, so if a thief tries to unlock your device, they will erase Trezor itself.

The SD card protection feature is designed to further protect against physical attacks on the Trezor Model T. When this feature is enabled, a randomly generated “secret” is saved to a microSD card that is inserted into your Trezor. This “secret” does not contain any information about your Trezor’s seed or passphrase and is completely random. With this feature, you will need to insert an SD card into the Trezor to combine the “secret” with the PIN and decrypt the data stored in the Trezor. Hence, you will need both an SD card and a Trezor to unlock it and access your cryptocurrencies. So you can enable this feature and store your SD card and Trezor in different locations if you’re worried about physical attacks.

Summary – A Premium Product from a Verified & Genuine Company

The Trezor Model T is a premium hardware wallet. Although the price is slightly higher, the improved user experience and data entry on the device thanks to the new touchscreen combined with innovative security and modern design are sufficient to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

To summarize, the Model T builds successfully on Trezor One without sacrificing the brand security that has made Trezor famous in the crypto community. If you are a crypto trader or crypto HODLer than this is the right product for you.



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