HP Is Secretly Installing Telemetry Bloatware On Your PC- This Is How You Can Remove It

telemetry bloatware

Several HP customers around the world report that HP began distributing “Telemetry Bloatware” on their laptops without informing them or asking for permission.

An application marked as spyware is, in fact, a Windows telemetry bloatware distributed by HP, called the HP Touchpoint Analytics Client, which was first identified on November 15.

According to various online forums, the telemetry bloatware, which, according to HP customers, never installed and did not intend to run constantly in the background, was eliminated in a recent update.

However, it is not yet clear whether the software was provided with the latest Microsoft Windows updates or HP support processes.

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The official description of the software says that the program “collects the telemetric information used by the HP Touchpoint analytics services.”

HP Touchpoint(Which Includes Telemetry Bloatware) makes your computer slow

HP customers also complained that the installation significantly slowed their work.
At the forum of HP customers, the user even reported that because of the CPU usage of the analysis services over 95%, his system anti-virus software began to check suspicious activity.

Another user, who owns the HP laptop, turned to Reddit and said:

So, suddenly, I found a significant slowdown in my laptop (Pavilion P3V59PA.) Once I found a problem in the task manager, I found out that the program was called by the HP Touchpoint Analytics client (and is the next following) constantly using the memory (~ 300 MB minimum, ~ almost 2 MB, no more) “.

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“I do not remember ever installing this program, and on the control panel I found that for some reason this program was installed silently today, without my consent.”

German blog reader Detlef Krenz this weekend connected with the birth rate and wrote:

“I noticed that HP secretly installed the HP Touchpoint Analytics Client on all of my HP devices on November 20, 2017. The program connects daily to HP. Sent files are located in the “Data program / HP / HP Touchpoint Analytics” Client / Transmission Interface. ”

It seems that the program sends data to the company’s server once a day. If you have an HP computer or laptop, you can find this information in the ClientDirectory Client \ HP \ Touchpoint Client Client \ Transfer interface on the Windows disk.

Responding to the charges, HP said that the company sent the same software to HP notebooks from 2014 as part of the Assistant Assistant software and collects only anonymous information about the performance of computer equipment.

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However, the only thing that the company has changed is its name.

“HP Touchpoint Analytics is a service offered since 2014 as part of the HP Support Assistant, which collects diagnostic information about hardware performance anonymously. Data is not sent to HP unless access is explicitly granted. at any time, “HP said in a statement.

“HP has recently been updated with HP Touchpoint Analytics, and no changes in the privacy settings of this update have been made, we are very serious about the privacy of our customers and act in accordance with the strict policies available here.”

How to uninstall the HP Touchpoint Analytics client

If you do not want this application to send data from your computer to HP servers, you can disable this service or completely uninstall the program, which is relatively quick and easy.

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To remove this service, go to the Control Panel and right-click the program name and select “Delete” to delete it.

In addition, you can simply press Windows + R, enter “appwiz.cpl” and press “Enter” to download the applet of the Control Panel “Programs and Features”. Now select “HP Touchpoint Analytics Client” from the list and click “Delete / Edit” to remove the service from the PC.

A few months ago, HP was captured using a built-in keylogger that silently watched all keystrokes and saved each key pressed in a human readable file in a shared folder, making it available to any user or third-party application installed on the PC.

Recently, Lenovo has also set a fine of $ 3.5 million from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to pre-install spyware on laptops without the user’s consent.


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