Beware! Sarahah App Steal Data Of Your Mobile Phone

sarahah app steal data

Are you also one of those 18 million users who use SARAHAH app?

You have to stick to this application because the anonymous application of the regeneration may not be as private as it actually does.

sarahah app steal data

Sarahah app is a newly released application that has become one of the most popular applications for iPhone and Android in the last two weeks, allowing users to register in anonymous and sincere messages from other Sarahah app users.

However, it turns out that the Sarahah App Steal Data and silently charges the phone contacts of the users to business servers without a reasonable reason, detected by the security analyst Zachary Julian.

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When an Android or iOS user downloads and installs the application for the first time, the application immediately picks them up and loads all phone numbers and email addresses from the user’s address book by interception.

While an application that requires access to the user’s address book is fairly common if the application provides some function that works with the contacts, there is currently no function available in Sarahah.

“The privacy policy specifies that if you are going to use your data, you will request your consent, while the application entry in Google Play added indicates that the application will have access to the contacts, the content is not sufficient to justify ‘Send all contacts without any specific information ”

However, Sarahah’s creator, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, responded to the story by saying that his actually Sarahah App Steal Data, collects and loads contacts from users to business servers for a feature that will be deployed at a later time.

Tawfiq said Sarahah App Steal Data of user’s contact lists were loaded “for a” scheduled “search function that was” delayed due to a technical problem “and not accidentally removed from the current version of Sarahah app.

Tawfiq also assured its users that “the data request will be deleted in the next update” to the application and that Sarahah app servers “do not currently host contacts” obviously can not be verified.

Sarahah app took the Internet by storm in a few weeks, making the application the third most downloaded software for free applications for iPhones and iPads. The app has already been downloaded by about 18 million Apple users and Google’s online stores.

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However, you can still use Sarahah app by blocking the application from accessing your contacts, without risking loading your contacts on your servers.

Since the latest Android operating system (Android 6.0 marshmallow) allow users to restrict permissions to applications, users can limit permissions so that they do not access applications to contacts or other information that have nothing to do with the operation of the application.

To do this, go to Settings → Personal → Applications, now in the configuration application, open the application’s permission and limit the permission of the applications you want.


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