Over $1 Million Worth Bitcoin and Ether Stolen !! World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Hack

Over $1 Million Worth Bitcoin and Ether Stolen

One of the biggest exchanges and cryptocurrencies Ether Bitcoin worlds, Bithumb has recently been violated, resulting in a loss of Over $1 Million Worth Bitcoin and Ether Stolen after a number of user accounts have been compromised.

Bithumb is the largest South Korean exchange cryptocurrencies with 20% of global trade, and about 10% of world trading Bitcoin is traded for South Korean Won.

Bithumb is currently the fourth largest Bitcoin exchange and largest exchange in the Ethereum world.

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Last week, Over $1 Million Worth Bitcoin and Ether Stolen, this cyber attack on giant crypto circulation triggered a number of user accounts and thousands of Korean Won compromises were stolen from customer accounts.

Over $1 Million Worth Bitcoin and Ether Stolen from one of the victims, according to Kyunghyang Shinmun, a major local newspaper.

A survey of cryptocurrencies users lost in computer attack reveals that “hundreds of millions of won [of cryptocurrencies] are estimated to have been removed by hundreds of investors.

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In addition to digital currencies, hackers have been able to steal personal data of 31,800 Bithumb web users, including their names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers, Yonhap News reported funded by the South Korean government.

However, Bithumb claims that this number represents about 3% of its customers.

The exchange also said Yonhap contacted the South Korean Cybercrime guard on June 30 after learning Friday’s hack on June 29.

Bithumb believes that one of the employee’s personal computers was violated in the attack, not the entire network, and no password compromises, making it impossible for hackers to have direct access to user accounts.

Digital change says that losing funds is the result of using “username and password” for digital online transactions.

“The employee PC, not the server site, was hacked. Personal information, such as cell phone and email address for some filtered users,” Bithumb said.

“However, it has come to light that some customers were stolen because of the use and disposable password used in electronic financial transactions.”

While more than 100 Bithumb customers have already filed a complaint with the Computer Crime Center for Police National Agency reports, South Korean officials are investigating the incident.


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