Two Hackers Found Guilty For Creating IoT Based Mirai Botnet

mirai botnet

The US federal authorities detained two hackers who pleaded guilty to computer crime charges for the creation and distribution of the Mirai botnet network that has paralyzed some of the most important and most popular sites in the world with the launch of massive DDoS attacks last year.

According to documents released in federal court, Tuesday Paras Jha and Josiah White were tried by a court in Alaska last week for six counts of their involvement in massive computer attacks using the Mirai botnet network.

Mirai botnet is a piece of malicious malware that IO research unsecured routers, cameras, digital video recorders and other Internet devices still objects using the default password, and then adds them to a network botnets to launch DDoS attacks. and the Internet infrastructure.

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“Jha and his co-conspirators have successfully infected hundreds of thousands of computer devices connected to the Internet, including computers in Alaska and other states, with malware,” the agreement said.

Paras Jha and his partner Josiah White are the same as those who were removed by blogger Brian Krebs earlier this year after his blog has also been put offline by a massive DDoS attack 620 Gbps using the Mirai botnet network.

According to LinkedIn profile Jha, who is a 21-year-old Fanwood passion programmer from the United States, who knows the code in several programming languages and positions himself as president of a DDoS attack mitigation society, ProTraf Solutions.

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A week after the massive DDoS attack, Mirai’s source code was published in the Hahahahahaha forum, which, under the name Anna-senpai, wrote that it had “made its money … it’s time for the GTFO”.

“That’s why, today, I have an incredible exit for you,” he said, he wrote. “With Mirai botnet, he usually consumes only 380 top telnet robots, but after the DDoS Krebs, the ISP slowly stopped and cleaned his game.Today, the maximum force is about 300 thousand robots, and the descent”.

Once the source code released Mirai botnet, several criminals began to exploit the IO malware to launch powerful DDoS attacks against websites and the Internet infrastructure, including Dyn, a popular DNS provider, which was damaged by a bot network of near of 100,000 malware devices

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The Ministry of Justice of the United States has not yet published the details of the case. We will update this article with new information. Pay attention!


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