MacOS Malware Creator Charged For Spying Thousands Of PC’s Over 13 Years

MacOS Malware Creator

The US Department of Justice issued an indictment Wednesday against an Ohio computer programmer accused of creating and installing MacOS Malware on thousands of computers for more than 13 years.

According to the indictment, 28-year-old Philip R. Duracinsky is the alleged author of the FruitFly malware, which was discovered last year against Apple Mac users around the world, mainly in the United States.

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Interestingly, Durachinsky was only 14 years old when he programmed the first version of the FruitFly malware, and this fully featured backdoor Trojan remained invisible for several years, despite the use of the plain and outdated code.

Malwarebytes detected malware in January 2017, and Patrick Wardle, a former NSA hacker, discovered about 400 Mac computers infected with the new FruitFly MacOS Malware. Wardle believes, however, that the number of infected Macs is likely to be much higher.

The malicious program can perform advanced monitoring on MacOS devices that remotely control web cameras, microphones, monitors, mouse, and keyboard, and install additional malicious software.

Because Fruitfly’s source code also includes Linux shell commands, researchers believe that malware works well on the Linux operating system.

From 2003 to January 2017, Duraskinsky used Spyware, later called FruitFly MacOS Malware, to access thousands of computers owned by individuals, companies, schools, police and a subsidiary of the US Department of Energy.

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Durachinsky allegedly used malicious software to steal personal information from victims, including their tax records, bank records, medical records, credentials, photos, Internet searches, and potentially embarrassing messages.

“He allegedly developed computer malware, later called” Fruitfly MacOS Malware “, which he installed on computers, allowing him to monitor every computer, refer to stored data, download files, take and download screenshots, register keystrokes and activate cameras and a microphone to secretly record pictures and sound, “says Dodge.

In addition to installing Fruitfly, Durachinsky is also accused of producing child pornography, and in some cases, the villain warned him if the user enters any pornography. Most likely, such an action will cause a record.

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Durachinsky charged with computer fraud and violation of the law, violation of the wiretapping law, the production of child pornography, and aggravated by circumstances of identity theft.

However, the charges at this time are only charges, and the defendant is considered innocent if he could not justify his guilt.


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