How To Lock And Unlock Your Computer Using USB Pendrive

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What if we let you know that USB Flash force may want to update your all forms of passwords? this is surely feasible with the app PREDATOR. So, today we are going to proportion and clean trick by which you can lock unlock PC using USB pen drive. go through the overall submit to recognize it.

We generally log into the laptop through the usage of our passwords and pins, but nowadays we have a new approach to lock and liberate your laptop that is manner cool than those traditional strategies. Do you may log into your laptop using your USB flash pressure. Yes, that is viable you can make your laptop begin along with your pen drive. The method is very truthful and easy, and you could enforce this in few steps that we’ve discussed below. So have a have a look at the method of how to Lock/Release Your computer the usage of USB Pendrive.

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How to Lock And Unlock Your computer using USB Pendrive

In this approach, we can be the usage of PREDATOR software program. PREDATOR locks your laptop while you are away, even in case your home windows session continues to be lively. When you’re away from your computer, you actually want to take away the USB Pendrive and as soon as it’s far eliminated, the keyboard and mouse are disabled, and the display screen darkens. While you return to your computer, you have to position the USB Pendrive, and your keyboard and mouse are without delay launched, and the show is restored.
Step 1: – First of all, download and installation the software Predator on your laptop and this can be in the zip format, unzip and deploy it.

Step 2: – Now it’s going to ask you to set password and recovery key, insert the USB pen drive and click on ok.

Step 3: – Right here you can set any password of your desire, and additionally you’ve got selected the precise Pendrive with the intention to open your computer to keep away from misuse using another Pendrive.

Step 4: – Now your USB pen drive is ready to use. you could use its preference to amplify greater functions.

Now, whenever you go online your PC simply insert the USB Pendrive and release the software and stay again and do your paintings and after your paintings take away it. Your laptop gets robotically locked, and after that, while you positioned USB pendrive lower back your laptop gets unlocked.

There is Also Another Method


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