‘LeakTheAnalyst’ Arrested: Hacker Who Claimed To Have Hacked FireEye


‘LeakTheAnalyst’, The alleged hacker was arrested and detained by international law enforcement officials on Thursday, said FireEye Executive Director Kevin Mandia.

In late July, the hacker, whose name has yet to be revealed, has managed to hack the personal online accounts of a senior threat intelligence analyst at Mandiant – a Virginia-based cybersecurity firm owned by FireEye – and fled almost 32 megabytes of data belonging to Peretz.

At that time, the hacker had claimed that the LeakTheAnalyst operation had started and was aimed at doing the analysis of security analysts who track down hackers. The hacker also said he had full access to the company’s internal networks since 2016.

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“We will destroy his reputation on the ground,” said the hacker. “It was fun to be in a giant company called” Mandiant “that we liked to see how they were trying to protect their customers and how their stupid leaktheanalyst was trying to demote the malware.

“This leak was just a glimpse of the depth with which we penetrated Mandiant, we could publish more critical data in the future.”

Later in August, FireEye announced that it had found no evidence that the company’s corporate network was compromised, claiming that the attacker had simply been able to compromise the company’s social media accounts. only one of its employees.

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The attacker did this by reusing the social media credentials and email accounts of previously exposed employees in a publicly disclosed third-party data breach.

The CEO of FireEye announced the arrest of hackers during the company’s third-quarter earnings conference call on Wednesday.

“These attackers rarely, if they are ever caught … Throughout my career, I found frustrating the little risk or repercussion for the attackers, who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to cause wrong to the right people intentionally, “said Mandia.

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“Therefore, I’m glad that in this case, we were able to impose repercussions on the striker and get a small win for the good guys.”

Mandia also told CRN that FireEye had to spend a lot of time and effort investigating the hacker’s July claims, which cost the company a lot, both in terms of effort and money.

So far, neither the law enforcement agents nor FireEye has revealed the true name of the hacker and the place from which he was arrested.


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