Best KickAss Torrent Websites 2022- New Kickass Torrents (100% Working)

Kickass torrent

Good news, the new Kickass Torrent site is online again.

In July 2017, U.S. authorities arrested the famous BitTorrent website Kickass Torrents (KAT cr) after the arrest of its owner Artem Vaulin.

The peer-to-peer file-sharing site became the largest pirate hub in the world after The Pirate Bay went offline.

Now, shortly after law enforcement officials closed the original KAT website, a group of dedicated employees launched the forum in the hope of returning the KickassTorrent download sites to their former glory soon.

What is the new KickAss Torrent?

The team has launched a new torrent site that looks identical to the original Kickass site. It contains a large number of torrent files and magnetic links for torrent movies, television shows, software, games and torrent music.

The new Kickass Torrent website ( is back online with partial staff and dedicated downloaders.

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Here’s what the KAT team said about launching the site:

“We all have our main downloaders on board, and they continued to share tirelessly, even before the torrent engines returned. The torrent community can continue to wait for downloads under all the names that they know and trust. ”

Meanwhile, Australian Internet service providers have blocked access to the 5 best torrent download websites, including Pirate Bay and Isohunt.

Following the closure of the original KickassTorrent portal earlier this year, several mirrored sites appeared on the net claiming that they were truly reincarnation.

Below we have listed some KickAss proxy sites:

But many of these KickassTorrent proxies and mirrors contain malicious copies. These sites are trying to steal user personal information and credit card information.

The new KickassTorrent team promises that the pirates are safe on their new portal.
“To protect our members, we decided to restore and preserve only safe elements. Even if recovery took longer, the safety of our community comes first, ”said one TorrentFreak team member.

KAT cr crews also believe that the original Kickass Torrents site operators will walk for free.

Top torrent sites like The New KickAss Torrent

  • TorLock –
  • Pirate Bay –
  • iDope –
  • 1337x –
  • Yify Torrent / YTS –
  • ExtraTorrent –
  • LimeTorrents –
  • Zooqle –
  • Dirty Torrents –

In addition to KAT cr, online users have found some of the best alternatives to KickAss Torrent.

Although we do not support copyright infringement, here are some of the best alternatives that people share on social networks:

1. Pirate Bay –

One of the best alternatives to KickAss Torrents is PirateBay. But due to copyright infringement, many Internet providers have blocked him and his mirror domains.

However, users continue to access the website using a more secure VPN service or proxy server to circumvent the restrictions of the service provider.

PirateBay is one of the best torrent search engines used worldwide. TPB includes pirated material in the form of magnetic links for software, films, and music.

2. 1337x –

If you like sites like Pirate Bay and KickAss, the 1337x will be your torrent download site.

A peer-to-peer file-sharing site has existed for a long time, which makes it reliable and important. Like KickAssTorrent, the 1337x offers a simple and intuitive search bar without complex design.

You can also search torrent files and magnetic links by category. Or you can go to the Top 100 section for most fashion torrents on the site.

3. TorLock –

TorLock is one of the best torrent sites that allows users to download torrent files and high-quality magnetic links.

Torlock is a unique movie download site that offers music, games, software, the latest TV shows and movies for free.

The official motto “Without fake torrent sites” is that Torlock aims to list only 100% of verified torrents. The site even offers users to find fake torrents and receive compensation in the amount of $ 1 for each opening.

4. iDope –

This is a new site for downloading torrents and movies. This allows you to discover everything you are looking for but also claims to not track your visitors. iDope is a great alternative to kickass torrent.

The iDope homepage includes no more than a torrent indexer panel with the slogan “Tribute to KickassTorrent”. IDope also has a Chrome plugin and an Android app. The service is also available via the darknet.

5. Yify Torrent / YTS –

This site, also known as the YTS torrent tracker, is another great alternative to KickAss Torrent. I am sure that all movie buffs are familiar with YTS films. But this is not the original YIFY torrent site for downloading YIFY movies.

The original site became unclear after its leader pleaded guilty to New Zealand jurisprudence. is a great clone of the original site. But you have to be careful with other fake torrent sites that advertise themselves as YTS.

6. ExtraTorrent –

Among them, ExtraTorrent is also a great alternative to KickAss Torrent.
ExtraTorrent was once the most popular and best torrent site. But the site disappeared on May 17, 2017, with a final message on its site. ExtraTorrent is now back with a new domain.

Since the government is monitoring the BitTorrent protocol, users prefer proxy sites over their torrent clients to hide their IP addresses and access KickAss.

But you should note that there is no legal way to download movies that are still in movie theaters for free.

You should try legal ways to watch high-quality movies online. Here’s a separate article in which we have listed the best free movie download websites that offer a pretty good collection of videos, and we will also learn how to download files using uTorrent as software.



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