Kaspersky Popular Antivirus Company Launching It’s own Operating System:Kaspersky OS


The famous cyber protection and antivirus company Kaspersky Antivirus has unveiled its own at ease and hack-evidence running gadget- Kaspersky OS. Kaspersky OS is based on microkernel architecture that allows users to customize their own operating systems for this reason. this is depending on a consumer’s precise requirements. It could be designed with the aid of the use of distinctive modifications blocks of the operating system.


Kaspersky OS is non-Linux and the primary feature of this OS is that the GUI-less operating system has been produced from scratch and does now not comprise “even the slightest odor of Linux”. Plus the in-built safety machine in it has the ability to manipulate the behavior of packages and the OS modules.

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additionally, it claims itself as an almost unhackable OS, because for gaining unauthorized access, any hacker would need to interrupt the digital signature of an account holder, that’s viable most effective with a quantum laptop.

Kaspersky mentioned the current DDoS attacks that affected several web sites beyond a few months. He guaranteed that it’s OS could guard gadgets, which includes industrial control systems, SCADA or ICS, and IoTs from cyber assaults.



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