New Kernal Exploit For Sony Playstations Firmware 4.05 Released, Jailbreak PS4

jailbreak ps4

I wish everyone a happy Christmas very “late.” These Christmas holidays have a special gift for all PlayStation players, A New Kernel Exploit Released To Jailbreak PS4.

The developer of SpecterDev finally released the long-awaited exploit of the PlayStation 4 core (Firmware 4.05) To Jailbreak PS4 today, almost two months after Team Fail0verflow revealed technical details.

The core 4.05FW PlayStation 4 is now available on Github and is called “namedobj”. This allows users to execute arbitrary code on the game console, allowing kernel changes and jailbreaking on the system.

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Although the PS4 kernel does not contain a jailbreak PS4 code, others can develop a jailbreak exploit using it.

Jailbreaking allows users to run their own code on the console and install mods, tricks, third-party applications and games that are impossible due to the hacking mechanisms of the Sony PlayStation.

“However, this version does not contain any code associated with the destruction of mechanisms to combat piracy or the implementation of homegrown,” – said SpecterDev.
“This talent includes a bootloader who listens to the payload on port 9020 and launches them at the check-in counter.”

It should be noted that for some users this does not work as smoothly as it seems.
“This exploit is incredibly stable about 95% in my tests, KitKit falls very rarely, and also the kernel, so I created a patch for the kernel exploit that only works once. Create patches through payloads,” warned SpecterDev.

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PS4 players with a firmware version below 4.05 can easily update their console to take advantage of this talent.

Of course, Sony would not be happy with the launch of the kernel core PlayStation 4 and would like to remove any vulnerabilities for the latest version of the PS4 firmware.


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