Now Unlock Files for Free Jaff Ransomware Decryption Tool Released

jaff ransomware

Kaspersky Labs has released an updated version of the free Jaff Ransomware decryption tool, Rakhnidecryptor, which can now also decrypt files locked by Ransomware sec.

The researchers discovered the security in Kaspersky Lab’s weakness in the dry code Ransomware which allows victims to open their infected files by a dry at no cost.

First, select last month, the dry is relatively new, which is distributed with the help of “Robots” Nature, which currently controls more than 6 million infected computers in the Ransomware world.

Nekors robots are the same robots – the army of devices connected to the Internet at risk – that have been used for the distribution of Driedks and Loki Trojan Ransomware, which also affects users’ computers, encrypt files and asks for a Ransom before opening them.

Is made Ransomware attack dry (Trojan-Ransom. Win32.Jaff) in the first place by sending e-mail spam to millions of users with the attached PDF, which if you click on it, opens a document, Word script embedded macro malware to download and implement Jaff Ransomware.

Once the victims load and activate a related Word.PDF macro, Ransomware sec loads on their computer, and encrypt the files of the victims and ask for a ransom ranging from 0.5 to 2 Bitcoin ($ 1500 to $ 5000 today) hui).

Attack dry on May 12 – started the same day when, for the first time and Jaff Ransomware destroyed – sending spam messages quickly 5 million emails per hour.

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How to protect yourself from Jaff Ransomware attacks

Whether it’s Jaff, Locky, CoinVault, TeslaCrypt, or any other Ransomware, and protective measures are standard.

Protection against Ransomware infection, you should always be wary of uninvited documents sent by email and do not click links in these documents unless you check the source.

Verify that macros are disabled in Office Touch applications. Otherwise, the block macros running Miss Internet files. In establishments, system administrators can be the default setting for defined macros.

In order to always be tight on all your important handy documents, and keep a good copy backup routine in place, making it copies of your files to an external storage device that is not always bound to your computer.

Also, make sure you run an active security group for anti-virus tools on your system and stay up to date, and most importantly, always browse the Internet safely.

How to use RakhniDecryptor

Tool Rakniedkreptur Kaspersky is a lightweight and portable piece of software designed to decipher encrypted files from several Ransomware variables before including obzik, Rakhni, Mircop, Crusis, and 17 other Cruces.

RakhniDecryptor is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Here is the list of simple steps to use this tool:

  • Download Rakhnidecryptor
  • Run the RakhniDecryptor.exe file on the infected computer
  • Click “Change Settings” to select objects to delete (removable hard drives / hard drives / hard drives)
  • Click the “Start Scan” button, and then choose the path you select from one of the encrypted files
  • The Rakhnidecryptor tool then help restore the password to decrypt open files


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