How To Hack Facebook ID Using Phishing Attack 2022

Hack Facebook ID Using Phishing Attack

In my previous post, I explain the easy method to hack Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. So you need to read my previous post because this was read the article, and now many of my friends ask me for an email that “How to hack Facebook id using phishing attack” because it is the most powerful trick to get your username and password for any of your victims or your Facebook friend account.

It also gets the idea of this post-Facebook script with which You can Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack in less time and with a click if you want to check below to see the best of Facebook screenplay 2022.

Now, today we will provide you with a detailed guide to creating the phishing page Facebook easily I mean the fake page also gives you a pre-made fake Facebook website at the end of this article.

Seriously I’m telling you, Do phishing page is not a very difficult task because you are thinking about information and type I just want to tell you it is so simple to make a page like eating comfy. Generally phishing, hackers Hack Facebook ID Using the Phishing Attack method extensively attacks Because it now becomes the most used method for affecting social accounts like FB. The phishing page is also known as false pages or duplicate pages.

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In this method, we created a fake Facebook page home page that looks like the original and uploads it to a web hosting site so anyone can access it via the Internet. As you know when we get something, we receive links or URLs to that particular file, so we have a link to my website hosting page and this link is called a phishing link.

When we will send this link to your victim and when they target the victim Opening a fake page will open and that this is the original Facebook page, but the reality you know well. As soon as he/she enter your username and password blindly all of their details are automatically sent to the hacker (like you), below are the steps below to tell how?

In this “Hack Facebook ID Using Phishing Attack” tutorial using the phishing method, you learn how hackers access Facebook with the help of phishing and also learn how you can create phishing pages for free.

Step By Step Guide To Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

Now let’s start our tutorial which is all about how to make a Facebook phishing page Hack Facebook ID Using Phishing Attack without knowing any type of coding.

Note: if you don’t want to follow below given 1-10 steps then simply you can skip them and move to steps after step no. 10

Step:1) first of all Go to From your computer’s Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Step:2)  After loading the full Facebook page simply make right-click on the blank area, you will see the option view source page, simply click on that. (see below picture for better understanding )
Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack
Step:3) now a pop-up window will be open with the source code of the Facebook page, Simply need to Copy the full code by using Ctrl+c from your windows system.
Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

Step:4) Now open the notepad and paste all code here which copy in step 3 (Notepad is a simple utility inbuilt in windows for editing the text so I can say it is a text editor)

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Step:5) Now open a search box in notepad by pressing CTRL+F and type ACTION. (see below picture)

Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

Step:6)  There are many action words in the code but you’ll need to search action till you get like below code

action=” “

Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack
Step:7) After that delete all the text written above in blue colour and instead of it write hack.php.then it will look like below given picture action
Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

Step:8) Now save it on your desktop with the name index.htm

Step:9) Now your phishing page is will look like the pic given below

Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

Step:9) now you need to create a PHP file, below for this Open a new notepad again and copy below code and save it with the name hack.php.

header (‘Location:’);
$handle = fopen(“usernames.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);

Note: I use hack.php in step 7 that’s why we need to use the same name in step 9
Step:10) You have successfully created two files listed below

    1.  index.htm
    1. hack .php,

Alternative Of Step 1 To Step 10 To Hack Facebook ID Using Phishing Attack

If you face some problem during creating phishing files index.htm and hack PHP  for Facebook then don’t worry now I am going to short out all the 10 steps given above. My work is to explain everything from a low level to high for a newbie, that’s why the overall procedure has many no. Of steps. But now we are going to Shrink all the above given 10 steps and do our task in only 3 steps.

See the below-given steps and do as it is.

Step:11) Now you need to upload these two files to a free web hosting site I am giving you the list of the best web hosting site which is useful for you. you need to make an account on any of one below web hosting sites. (I think the list is perfect for you) – Create a Free Webpage!


                                      Join Ethical Hacking Masterclass
Step:12) I prefer because it is easy to use first of all go to and click on the register button.
Step:13) now simply fill all required information in the registration form
Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

Step:14) Now after completing the sign-up process simply make login with your username and password

Step:15) when you open your account you see a control panel like the below picture, now click on the file manager.

Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack
Step:16) now the file manager will open and you need to upload index.htm and hack.php file, files button simply clarifies button and upload both files thereafter uploading it look like below picture.
Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack

 Step:17) Now click on the index.htm file you see fake Facebook page simply copy the URL from your web browser URL address bar .your link look like below :

Step:18) Now you almost did simply send this link to your victim or friends.
Step:19) When the victim opens that link he sees a fake Facebook page that looks real and enters their username and password and hit login, his password send to your my3gb account.
Step:20) For seeing a password simply go to >>control panel >>file manager, and here you see a new file with the name it and see the password.Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack



You can not send your phishing link to friends on Facebook because Facebook detects and displays the warning to remove that link on your desktop or mobile device.

If you want to send the link via Facebook or other social networking sites, then you need to use URL shortcut I prefer using it because it’s easy to use and Facebook’s security does not detect fable. if TinyURL Phishing is not allowed and Then try another website. If you do not know how to cut the Facebook link follow the steps below

  •  First of all, go to
  • Past your phishing URL in the box and hit make a tiny URL button.
    Hack Facebook id Using Phishing Attack
  • After that, you get your short link simply send that link to your friends.


  1. i have tried it with vpn service with port forwarding, everything is going fine, but after redirection to, there is no log.txt saved in var/www/html/ folder in kali

  2. Hi, very good!!! i ve looked for this EVERYWHERE! you are the best. Although, i want something to open after they enter the password, because if they enter their info and an error pops up, they will smell that something weird is happening :/

  3. One of the most basic trick to hack down someone’s Facebook ID. Hahaha, nice one. Nowadays there are many noobs out there willing to hack FB with phishing. This will guide them and let them know the “less” scope of possiblity to hack into FB account with this method. Btw, thanks for this information.

  4. facebook is updated and i cant find that action link in your article..plz tell me what to erase and put hack.php in code ?

  5. Hi, Thanks for your post.. But I have a small probllem..

    When I open usernames.txt file, I can see the details of the username. But not password, can you help me with that?


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