Facebook Is Offering $40,000 If You Find Evidence Of Facebook Data Leaks

Facebook data Leaks

Facebook launched a rewards program to reward users who report about Facebook Data Leaks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook pays millions of dollars each year to researchers and bug hunters to eliminate security flaws in their products and infrastructure.

The move comes as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify before Congress this week amid scrutiny over the data-sharing controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy that has obtained and misused data about 87 million of its users.

Through its new find ” Facebook data Leaks ” Bug Bounty program, Facebook will ask users to help the social media giant find developers of applications that use the data incorrectly, he announced on Tuesday.

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Like its current bug program, the ” Facebook data Leaks ” Bounty program will award a sum of money to those who report valid data collection events that violate Facebook’s revised data policies.

“This program is complementary to our current program of errors, since it” follows the data “, even if the root cause is not a security flaw in the Facebook code,” explains the company.

“Bad actors can maliciously collect and misuse Facebook users’ data, even when there are no security vulnerabilities, this program is intended to protect against that abuse.”

The impact of each relationship will determine the amount of money that Facebook would pay. “High impact error reports” could help users earn up to $ 40,000, even if the company discovers that there is no maximum payment and that it is even possible to receive more than $ 40,000 for important discoveries.

Therefore, if you find an application that violates Facebook’s terms of service by collecting and sharing user data with third parties, for money, scams, or political influence, you can simply inform Facebook through the “Bounty Data” program. with tests.

If the suggestion of the application developer helps the social media giant capture the dishonest application, Facebook “will close the infringing application and take legal action against the company that sells or buys the data, if necessary.”

The ” Facebook data Leaks ” Bounty program is the first of its kind in the industry, where attention is focused on the abuse of user data by application developers.

To be eligible for the program, your report must include at least 10,000 Facebook users, explain not only how the data was collected, but how it was abused, and social networks should not have known before that specific problem.

For more details, you can check the ” Facebook data Leaks ” Bug Bounty program on Facebook.

If you are not aware, you can easily download and see all the information that Facebook has collected from you in a few minutes. Here’s how to download and discover what data Facebook has collected over time, including all of your posts, messages, photos, post videos, and more.


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