FBI Seized 15 DDOS For Hire Websites, 3 Operators Were Charged

DDOS For Hire

Earlier, the US Department of Justice announced today that the FBI had confiscated the domains of 15 DDoS For Hire websites for compensation and accused three people of using some of these services.

Subscription DDoS or “Booter” or “Stresser” services provide rental access to the network of infected devices, which can then be used by any specialist, even the least experienced, to initiate a distributed denial of service. (DDoS) attacks any website and disrupts its access.

In recent years, several groups of hackers have ruined Christmas for millions of players by destroying PlayStation, Xbox networks and other game servers, using massive DDoS attacks.

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“Assistive services such as those named in this action would provoke attacks against a wide range of victims in the United States and abroad, including financial institutions, universities, Internet service providers, government systems and various gaming platforms, “said Ministry of Justice.

“The actions against DDoS services take place a week before the Christmas holidays, a period that has always suffered from many DDoS attacks in the gaming world.”

In April of this year, Dutch police shut down the world’s largest DDoS rental service, known as Webstresser, which allowed cybercriminals to carry out more than 4 million attacks and arrest their administrators.

The 15 callback domains that sold access to DDoS attacks, disguised as network resistance tests and captured by the FBI on Thursday, include:

These DDoS for Hire services would have been used to reach a wide range of victims in the United States and abroad, including financial institutions, universities, Internet service providers, government systems, and various Internet platforms. Thu.

On Dec. 12, the US Attorney’s Office also accused 23-year-old David Bukoski of Pennsylvania of using Quantum Stresser, one of the oldest DDoS services, with more than 80,000 subscriptions on November 29 since its launch in 2012.

It was not until 2018 that Quantum Stresser was used to launch more than 50,000 “real or attempted” attacks by DDoS against victims around the world, including Alaska and California.

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“DDoS for recruitment services like these are a serious national threat,” said US lawyer Brian Schroeder. “Coordinated investigations and prosecutions such as these demonstrate the importance of cooperation and coordination between districts and public sector partners.”

In addition to seizing 15 support services, the FBI also filed a lawsuit against two alleged cybercriminals – Matthew Gatrel, 30, and Juan Martinez, 25 – allegedly linked to DDoS services Downtem & Ampnode.

According to the FBI, between October 2014 and November 2018, Down them had more than 2,000 customer subscriptions and was used to “lead or attempt more than 200,000 DDoS attacks”.

A recent server overclocking is a warning not only for other potential DDoS merchants but also for users who rent these services, the FBI warning that it will seek to sue anyone who will pay for such services.


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