DarkWeb Dream Market Has Been Discovered By Feds

darkweb dream market

It is now possible to take into account that two of the largest dark online websites – and AlphaBay Hansa – are called the largest black-market operation of the dark fabric conducted by the FBI, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency ) And the police of Dutch nationality.

However, the interesting aspect of the failure is that federal authorities AlphaBay are broken, but took control of the market and Hansa maintained for at least a month in an effort to control the activities of its visitors.

Visitors to the Hansa market have also included a massive flood of Alphabay refugees, such as the AlphaBay seized market has forced visitors to enter the Hansa market for illegal trading and buying.

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However, not only Hansa, following the arrest of the alpha bay, many of its users joined another website known as DarkWeb Dream Market, which is believed to be the second darkest market, ahead of Hansa.

After the arrest of AlphaBay and Hansa DarkWeb Dream market has become the main character, but now some Reddit users in different threads “r / Dream_Market” have expressed concern about the DarkWeb Dream market, which has been in business since 2013.

A Reddit user stated that the market has been compromised Dream in a manner similar to Hansa and is already under police control.

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“I contacted a former staff member Hansa who told me that the operation is apparently larger than it presently entails that” there will be a bloodbath, a sweep “and that” any HANSA provider should immediately take their operation, A lawyer and hide his footprints, “reads the message to Reddit.

darkweb dream market

Probably the DarkWeb Dream market “Mystically” real IP Exposed

Another Redditor claimed to have discovered an IP address is not coded into the source code for DarkWeb Dream Market, saying the police could have captured black market control and are actively watching over their visitors.

“We have found a clear IP address in the Javascript source code market.” The police need to know for a long time. Redditor wrote with a piece of site source code.

After a little exploring, I discovered that the IP address Clearnet mentions in the JavaScript file (lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/market.js) is owned by ‘Loopia AB’, a Swedish hosting company.

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This JavaScript file has been added or changed recently, as some moderators, the file has been there for at least nine months and the same code does not show signs of breakage or interception.

However, here is the big mistake – exposing the possible real IP address of the server, it must be hidden behind the onion Tor Router, is one of the biggest mistakes that the market operators Dream that could do that could already give the ‘The opportunities for law enforcement to attack the hosting company and take control of their servers.

While DarkWeb Dream Market states are under police control they have yet to be verified, marketers who have joined DarkWeb Dream Market could still be compromised by law enforcement.

Meanwhile, some anonymous Reddit users are encouraging users to visit DarkWeb Dream Market, saying “be calm! DREAM OF GOOD WORK!”

Vantaggiato arrests his rivals, DarkWeb Dream Market Thursday had thus 57,000 drug advertisements and 4,000 lists of opioids.


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