How to Anonymously Send Spoofed Emails To Anyone


Maximum people are very curious to recognize a method to send spoofed emails to our friends and own family for fun. but the query is, is it viable to create anonymous email no matter the superior spam filtering technology followed by way of electronic mail provider vendors like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

The solution is sure, it’s miles nonetheless viable to pass their junk mail filters and send spoofed emails anonymously with your friends or family individuals. for instance, you could ship an e-mail to your buddy with the subsequent sender details. for ex.-

From: bill Gates <[email protected]>

The artwork of sending this sort of e-mail is known as electronic mail Spoofing. one of the easy methods to ship a spoofed email is with the aid of using our very own nearby SMTP server. Within the beyond, I have tried SMTP servers like QK SMTP server. This method used to paintings efficaciously in the one’s days, but as of now, it has a completely low achievement charge seeing that Gmail and Yahoo (all principal electronic mail carrier vendors) blocks the emails which might be sent immediately from a domestic laptop.

The way to send Spoofed Emails?

On this submit, I’ve provided you with a brand new method of sending spoofed emails to all and sundry while not having to fear approximately being blocked or filtered as junk mail. with a purpose to accomplish this, all you’ve to do is locate a “relay server” at the same time as sending the spoofed emails.

What’s a Relay Server?

In easy words, a relay server is an SMTP Server this is relied on by using principal organizations as a certified sender of the e-mail. So, when you send an e-mail the use of a relay server, the email carrier carriers like Yahoo and Gmail blindly take delivery of the emails and deliver it to the inbox of the recipient. If the SMTP server isn’t legal, Google and Yahoo will reject all the emails despatched from this SMTP server. this is the motive for which the usage of our personal SMTP server to ship emails to fail.

So, how to find a Relay Server?

Now, all we have to do is discover a depended on SMTP server with a purpose to ship spoofed emails efficaciously. usually, all the emails which might be sent from net hosting carriers are trusted and certified. So, you need to discover a loose net web hosting company that permits you to ship emails. However, maximum of the unfastened web hosts disable the Mail function and do now not allow the customers to send emails. that is finished just to avoid spamming.

However, all the paid website hosting plans permit you to ship any variety of emails. when you find a hosting service that allows sending emails from their servers, it’s only a cakewalk to ship nameless emails. All we must do is simply adjust the email header to insert a faux From cope with subject into it.

I’ve created a personal homepage script that permits you to send emails from any call and e-mail address of your preference. here is a step-via-step process to installation your very own anonymous electronic mail sender script:

  1. Visit X10 hosting and sign up a new account.

2. Download my script from the subsequent hyperlink:

                        Download Our Script From Here

3. Login to your FreeWebHostingArea Account and click on File Manager.

4. Upload the send mail.PHP, pngimg.php, and bg1.PNG files to the server.

5. Set permissions for sendmail.php, pngimg.php and bg1.PNG to 777.

6. Now type the following URL:
NOTE: your site must be substituted by the name of the subdomain that you have chosen during the registration process.
Use the script to send spoofed emails anonymously to your friends and have fun. Enjoy!!!
Tell me whether it worked or not. Please pass your comments.


  1. sir,
    X10 hosting is not accepting any new registrations and i am unable to find “file manager” on the other relay servers that i am using. (
    Please suggest a solution.


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