Briar Darknet Messenger Has Been Released ( Tor Project)

Briar Darknet Messenger

Briar Darknet Messenger is a messaging application created by activists, journalists and anyone who wants to communicate with a safe, easy and strong.

Unlike traditional messengers like email, Twitter or telegram, Briar does not depend on a central server, messages are synchronized directly through a peer-to-peer network.

If the Internet does Messenger can synchronize via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while maintaining the flow of data in a crisis. If the Internet is finished, Briar can synchronize over the Tor network, providing users and their connections from monitoring.

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According to for Briar Darknet Messenger:

Briar Darknet Messenger

“The application encrypts all data from end-to-end and also hides the metadata of who is communicating.” This is the next step in the evolution of secure messaging.

No communication ever enters the public Internet. The Tor anonymity network or local networks. ”

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The application does not require you to load the entire address book from someone’s server. In fact, it does not even leave does not reveal the metadata. As an alternative, it goes back to the good old way of personal connections.

It is necessary to add your first connections that satisfy the other members face to face to determine maximum confidence by scanning other QR codes. Your connection is authentic and your source can always be sure that you are talking.

Briar Darknet Messenger

“The goal of Sleeping Beauty is to enable people of all countries to create safe spaces where you can discuss any topic, plan events and organize social movements”.

With the beta version today, the Briar team also published the results of an independent security audit. It was made by Cure53 who are known for their secure drop, crypto cat, and Dovecot audits.

Six evaluators had a total of thirteen days to look for cryptographic protocols and Briar code. In her report, they stated that “the quality and readability of the source code of the application is totally exceptional” and highlight “a good understanding of vulnerability and threat patterns.”

Briar Darknet Messenger

All the problems encountered in the audit have been addressed in this beta. The report concludes that Briar “is able to offer a good level of privacy and Seguridad.In other words, Briar Darknet Messenger insurance can be recommended for use.”

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The Briar Darknet Messenger development team is looking for comments on today’s beta version. You can send your comments anonymously through the publicly-monitored application or monitoring themes of the project.

Before the final version, changes are expected for peer-to-peer protocol, so users can not migrate their accounts to the final version. For security reasons, accounts and data will expire with the beta.



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