Using Google Services Billion Dollar Hacker Gang Controlling It’s Banking Malware


Carbanak – one of the maximum a hit cyber criminal gangs ever that’s acknowledged for the theft of 1 billion dollars from over 100 banks throughout 30 countries lower back in 2015 – is returned with a BANG!
The Carbanak cyber gang has been observed abusing diverse Google services to problem command and manage (C&C) communications for tracking and controlling the machines of unsuspecting malware sufferers.
Forcepoint safety Labs researchers stated Tuesday that while investigating an active exploit sent in phishing messages as an RTF attachment, they observed that the Carbanak institution has been hiding in simple web site by way of using Google services for command and manage.
“The Carbanak actors keep to search for stealth techniques to avoid detection,” Forcepoint’s senior security researcher Nicholas Griffin stated in a blog put up. “using Google as an impartial C&C channel is in all likelihood to be extra successful than using newly created domain names or domains with no reputation.”
The RTF document functions an embedded OLE object that includes a VBScript (visual basic Script), which is formerly related to the Carbanak malware, and makes use of social engineering to trick sufferers into clicking on an envelope picture to “release the contents.”

It seems that the envelope picture without a doubt hides the embedded OLE object, so as quickly because the sufferer double-clicks that photograph, a dialog container opens asking if the sufferer desires to run the report unprotected.vbe.
If the victim runs the record, Carbanak’s VBScript malware will get done, and, in keeping with Forcepoint, the malware will “ship and receive commands to and from Google Apps Script, Google Sheets, and Google bureaucracy services.”
Except VBScript malware, Forcepoint researchers also determined a brand new ‘ggldr’ script module encoded inside the essential VBScript document in conjunction with various different VBScript modules, capable of using Google offerings as a command and manipulate channel.
“The ‘ggldr’ script will send and get hold of instructions to and from Google Apps Script, Google Sheets, and Google forms services,” “For each infected user a completely unique Google Sheets spreadsheet is dynamically created to manipulate every victim,” Griffin said.
“the usage of a legitimate 0.33 birthday party service like this one offers the attacker the ability to hide in plain sight. it’s miles not likely that these hosted Google services are blocked by way of default in an business enterprise, so it is much more likely that the attacker will set up a C&C channel efficaciously.”
Forcepoint researchers reckon it’s miles probably that the hacking group is using Google offerings because these services are allowed with the aid of default at many companies and companies, which makes it less difficult for hackers to exfiltrate facts and ship instructions.
Carbanak, additionally known as Anunak, is one of the most successful cyber criminal operations inside the global and is a especially prepared group that continually evolves its procedures to carry out cyber crime even as keeping off detection by using capacity objectives and the government.
The institution turned into first exposed in 2015 as financially-motivated cyber criminals concentrated on in particular monetary establishments. because it commenced working in 2013, Carbanak has stolen upwards of $1 Billion from extra than a hundred banks throughout the globe.
Force point has already notified Google of the issue, and its researchers are operating with the internet generation massive in this specific abuse of its valid internet offerings.



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