Founder Commited Suicide in Jail, AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid

AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid

AlphaBay, one of the largest Dark Web markets for drugs, weapons and other illegal products that mysteriously darkened at the beginning of this month without any explanation from its directors. AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid it was closed by international authorities.

On July 4, the dark web market suddenly dropped without any explanation of its administrators, letting their customers have paid huge sums of panic.

AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid, Some customers also suspected that site administrators had taken a scam to steal user funds.

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However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Alpha bay’s disappearance came after US, Canada and Thailand authorities worked together to carry out a series of raids and halt Alexandre Cazes, who allegedly was one of Alpha Bay operators.

Citing “people close to the story,” Cazes says, resident in Canada, was arrested in Thailand and was held in Bangkok on July 5, the same day the police executed two raids on residences in Quebec, Canada.

A 26-year-old Canadian citizen awaiting extradition to the United States when a guard found him hanging in his cell on Wednesday, Chiang Rai confirms the times. Cazes is believed to have hanged with a towel.

Cazes had lived in Thailand for almost 8 years. During its arrest, the authorities also seized “four Lamborghini cars and three houses worth about 400 million baht ($ 11.7 million) in total.”

AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid

AlphaBay, also known as “The New Silk Road”, also appeared in the news earlier this year when a hacker successfully violated AlphaBay site and stole more than 200,000 private unencrypted multiple user messages. AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid.

After the Silk Road’s disappearance, AlphaBay emerged in 2014 and became a leader among the dark web markets for selling stolen drug products, stolen credit cards, exploits, and malware. Therefore, AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid.

Unlike the dark evolution web market, which suddenly disappeared from the Internet overnight, stealing millions of dollars from its customers’ Bitcoin, Alpha Bay’s market was shut down by the police, under the same fate as Silk Road.

Silk Road was closed after the police broke their servers in 2013 and arrested its founder, Ross William Ulbricht, who was sentenced to life jail.

AlphaBay Shut Down After Police Raid, The FBI also seized Bitcoin (worth about $ 33.6 million at the time) from the site. Those Bitcoins were sold later in a series of US Marshals service auctions (USM).


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