CIA’s New Software can turn your Windows PC into Trojan Horse in your Network

trojan horse

“Pandemic”, as the implant is coded, to install malicious file server software in the secret of the CIA by the carrier, according to the document published Thursday by WikiLeaks. When the server tries to access the target computer’s file, and the outbreak was requested to a secret bait file and bad version substitution of a smart strategy is used. Trojan horse targeted computer is implemented, the epidemic can be installed in only 15 seconds, said a copy of the user manual. The file will be installed on the server as the epidemic was mentioned in the document.

Today, this part 1, 2017, WikiLeaks CIA “Pandemic” project document, Microsoft continues transplant files (Windows users program the remote machine to the local network) published. The program received from the infected machine, “Pandemic” remotely flies into remote user application code changes by users with the Trojan horse version targeted.

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To hide their activities, the file server in the original file remains unchanged by the remote user’s computer as a file server/transit switch in the implementation of the changes the epidemic has been. Transplant remote user (target) for the selected list with a maximum size of 800 MB to 20 programs allows you to replace it.

As the name suggests, a “plague” infects a computer network reader shared with the local epidemic of the disease in the patient, “transplant will function as zero. “If it is stored in the user file server epidemic indicated in the document by the program is implemented, even at the remote computer is infected, it seems that the technical potential for file-sharing of the computer Remote, itself a new goal of becoming the local network file server to access a new epidemic.

Today, this part 1, 2017, the CIA WikiLeaks documents “Pandemic” projects, the Microsoft Windows machine constantly transplant files (a local network, remote users program) published. “Pandemic” infected machine program to fly in the Trojan horse version of the application code was retrieved from the target by moving the remote user.

To concentrate its activity, a file server on the original file remains unchanged to the remote users to modify it is only implemented before the file in the event of a pandemic server computer in transit / replaced when. Transplant remote user (target) for a list of the selected program to replace 20 to 800 MB maximum size allows.

As the name suggests, “Pandemic”, “will act as an infected reader shared with zero transplanting computers from the local network to the spread of disease in patients.” “User file server is running the outbreak a program stored in the remote computer if it is infected. Although the document is not clearly said, it may be a new epidemic own local network file server to create a new goal, that file-sharing of the remote computer is technically possible.

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