Osquery security tool released for windows


OSquery, an ASCII text file framework created by Facebook that enables organizations to seem for potential malware or malicious activity on their networks. It was available for Mac OS X and Linux environments until today.

Two years once introducing the ASCII text file network observance tool for UNIX operating system and OS X users. Facebook has finally free the ‘osquery’ developer kit for Windows users on Tues. This can provide cyber security groups to create free and customised osquery solutions to watch and diagnose their Windows network infrastructure.

But currently the social network has declared that the corporate has developed a Windows version of its osquery tool, too.

When Facebook engineers wish to watch thousands of Apple waterproof laptops across their organization. They use their own nontraditional security tool referred to as OSquery.


To add to your knowledge and ours, Facebook first introduced the SQL-powered open-source tool to users in 2014.The ‘osquery’ tool was at first free with support for Ubuntu, CentOS, and raincoat OS X software, with hugedemand from developers to port the tool to Windows moreover.
OSquery may be a sensible piece of cross-platform code that scans each single laptop on associate infrastructure and catalogs each side of it.

Then SQL-based queries permit developers and security groups to watch low-level functions in period and quickly look for malicious behavior and vulnerable applications on their infrastructure.

In easy words, OSquery permits a corporation to treat its infrastructure as a information, turning OS info into a format that may be queried victimisation SQL-like statements.

This practicality is essential for directors to perform incident response, diagnose systems and network level issues, facilitate to troubleshoot performance problems, and more.

This open supply termination security tool has become one in all the foremost in style security comes on GitHub since its unharness in mid-2014 and was accessible for UNIX system distribution like Ubuntu or CentOS, and raincoat OS X machines.

So, if your organization was running a Windows surroundings, you were out of luck.
But, not today, like the assistance of path of Bits, Facebook has finally launched the OSquery developer kit for Windows, permitting security groups to create custom-made solutions for his or her Windows networks.

“As adoption for osquery grew, a robust and active community emerged in support of a a lot of open approach to security,” reads the sooner version of Facebook’s web log post.

“We saw the long-held thought of ‘security by obscurity’ fall away as folks started sharing tooling and experiences with alternative members of the community. Our initial unharness of osquery was supported for UNIX system and OS X, however the community was conjointly excited for a Windows version — thus we tend to launched to create it.”



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