10 Search Engines Where You Can Surf Anonymously



anonymous search engines

Startpage is a powerful search engine which gives accurate results whilst protecting your searches and heading off tracking your steps. Gives surfing through a proxy server and enables defensive you from websites that tune your IP address or area. You may upload Startpage on your browser, on Firefox or Chrome, or even change its color topic.


anonymous search engines

That is a non-public search that delivers instant searches even as now not monitoring your area records or search. Hulbee offers very wise information yet by no means analyses or shops its visitor’s info.
All your searches are encrypted for protection towards man inside the center assaults and information leaks. There is an option to pick a region for maximum relevant seek consequences and then lets you ‘clear your activity‘ to keep away from any trace of information.


anonymous search engines

Yippy permits you to manually clear out the results in keeping with training and flag any beside the factor result. unlike a few engines, it allows looking of many varieties of content material inclusive of pictures, net, information, blogs, jobs, authorities information, and so on.
Yippy lets you view cached pages (like Google) and clear out results through a way of tags like belongings, clouds, websites. Yippy does not track your seek queries and doesn’t display customized commercials.



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